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Appeal question which is onhold? [duplicate]

What is the correct process to follow to appeal a question which is on hold after the question has been edited? The reason I ask is I have edited a question and this edit was approved however the ...
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Is there a place for questions that don't really rise to the level of a full SO question?

I've been around long enough to realize that some questions are not really suitable for a full SO treatment, and asking them will only get you downvoted. For example, this question. In C#, what ...
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This question asking what a functional version of a code would look like has been put on hold and I don't see why

This question has been put on hold and I don't understand the reasons that motivated the decision. The input and output have been well defined and the OP isn't asking broad questions such as "What is ...
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Which questions to target to reinstate asking privilege

I lost my privilege to ask questions and I'm trying to work on my old questions to get that re-instated. I suspect these questions are my biggest issues: Why does this code compile on windows but not ...
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How to deal with temporary problems from largely used external tools [duplicate]

Maven Central Repository had a temporary problem with certificates yesterday that I ran into. After a few quick checks on my side on my configurations I posted a question on Stack Overflow. Very ...
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How to Stack Overflow?

Many new users find it difficult to Stack Overflow. They make the same mistakes over and over, like asking unclear questions, no MCVE, too broad or use answers to comment. I know that's our fault, ...
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Please, is anything going to be done about the pedantic question closers?

When Stack Overflow first came about SEO was worse, and disk space was more expensive. The result was a large set of rules about the nature of SO questions as not to pollute the search space with ...
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When a close vote is clearly ridiculous, I see no obvious recourse. Should I even have one?

I posted here on SO. It instantly got a "not complete code" close vote. If one looks at the first post in history, it's fully complete as code samples go. I wanted to reject this close vote in some ...
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Upvotes on questions will now be worth the same as upvotes on answers

Those of you who suffer from banner blindness may not have noticed the announcement: Stack Overflow is changing the reputation scoring system to make the reputation earned from upvotes on questions ...
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