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Can I delete an existing question which is not accepting anymore answers? [duplicate]

I posted a question that I think is clear enough, but that other people downvoted without giving any comments, as well as not commenting what is unclear about the question. As per my understanding, ...
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How much effort looking for plagiarism is expected of a reviewer of a tag wiki edit?

I was recently banned from reviewing for two weeks because I approved a tag wiki edit that should have been rejected for plagiarism. The notice of the ban seems to be a generic "should have been ...
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Are "mods" on Stack Overflow really tyrannical, as depicted in this video? [duplicate]

YouTuber GamesWithGabe posted this video about Stack Overflow, entitled "The Tyrannical Mods of Stack Overflow". Here is the full transcript. The key ideas supported by the video are: ...
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Working on a project that you have multiple questions for

I am looking into creating a taskbar replacement for Windows 10 in C#. Because of this, I need to replicate some features of the taskbar, such as having a list of icons of apps that are running, ...
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Is this site of any good for new users to actually ask questions? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: HTML Submit sends only the last entry of a table, not the selected one Is this site of any good for new users to actually ask questions? My post lasted ...
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Are questions that boil down to errors in off-site resources on-topic?

This question asks for an explanation of a snippet of code in an off-site resource. If you take the off-site resource out of the question, the question is essentially: Q: What does this syntax ...
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Looking for suggestions on how to improve my questions in order to dig myself out of a question ban

I just checked that I got questions banned. It says I have reached my question limit: Now I am not complaining about why I got question banned. I am just curious that how did it happen when I make ...
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What could I have done better so that my question was not closed and I would have got positive response?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can I check if a string contains only English characters, exclamation marks at the end? Based on my thoughts and the question below I want honest ...
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Wouldn't Stack Overflow look better this way?

Notice the position of "Top Questions" and the "Ask Question" button. The same could be said about the other Stack Exchange websites.
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Is SO suffering from its own success?

I asked a question that didn't receive an answer. No drama, but I was curious because once upon a time (I have been a member for almost 11 years) people were rep hungry and questions would be ...
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What examples are there for Not Being Very Welcoming?

It was hard to accept some of the (valid) criticism, especially the idea that women and people of color felt particularly unwelcome. [..] Many people, especially those in marginalized groups do feel ...
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Question was deleted while I was writing an answer, but the answer is still useful

I made a really good answer to: How to programmatically set the sequence of equations using VBA according to variables' precedence? The question basically asks how to parse expressions that are in a ...
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Is there a limit to the number of questions? How can I ask freely?

I'm studying programming now, and I just want post questions about programming several times a day. But this website lets me upload only one question a day. How can I freely ask multiple questions a ...
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Re-tagging questions related to Unix/Linux text processing out of shell specific tags

As a regular follower of questions around the bash, shell, and linux tags, it is really getting tough to manage (tag correct) the amount of questions that get tagged for text processing questions ...
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Is it necessary to read all the rules in Stack Overflow?

I started using Stack Overflow not so long ago and I'm a little lazy to read all the rules. Will it make my life and other users' lives better if I read that stuff?

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