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What can I do to make sure my question is appropriate for stack overflow?

One of my questions was downvoted and determined to be inappropriate for stack overflow. This one in particular: Store regex pattern as a string in PHP when regex pattern contains both single and ...
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Stack Exchange: A database of knowledge or an expert help site? [closed]

I am new to the Stack Exchange community, and since the day one, I struggled to understand one of the most fundamental aspects of its mission. Many posts on Meta have been written to broadly discuss ...
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Dyslexic newbies in danger of serious downvotes [closed]

Dyslexic coders are already at a disadvantage, seeing things that are not actually there in the code, or reading the code in ways that make it at first sight mean something other than what it means. ...
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What is the purpose of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I am new to this site, and it has been very helpful recently in helping me learn C# programming. I have read all the rules, but I can't seem to understand what the purpose of this site is. When I ...
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Why are questions with little requester effort penalized? [duplicate]

One thing I've noticed in the Stack community is that people who use this site don't seem to like questions where the poster of the question hasn't put in a lot of effort before asking the question. ...
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Does a well explained question nullify a "no research effort" downvote?

First let's start with my understanding of what "this question does not show any research effort" means, because if my understanding is wrong then this question is probably invalid: As I understand ...
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Are problems appropriate here? [duplicate]

I have a problem that I would like to see a solution for in java. I do not know how to code it, I would like to see an algorithm for it that works. Unfortunately in the past I have been asked to ...
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What is the proper way to make a worthy post?

I am not familiar with StackOverflow. It seem like there is always someone who doesn't like my question, regardless of how careful or polite I formulated the question. I am not the kind of person who ...
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close-reason suggestion: closing a question where the asker wants others to do his homework

I was going over close votes, when I stumbled into this question. Notice it was put on hold because: unclear what you're asking Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details ...
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Lack of effort in questions: ok, but there are possible issues [closed]

Compare this 2 questions: What is catcomplete in jQuery's autocomplete plugin? and Define: What is a HashSet? What is the meaning of the 'aria-describedby' property? https://...
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Upset about not being able to ask questions [duplicate]

So someone answered my question and another person thought it was stupid and gave me a -1. Is that a reason to ban me from asking anymore questions? Because one person thought my question was not ...
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Are beginners' questions welcome? [duplicate]

Suppose that a bright, curious beginner politely asks a C-programming question like this, not obviously an exact duplicate, regarding the mysteriously unpredictable address he has found in an ...
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Why was this basic Java question so ill-received? [duplicate]

I passed by a question on Java's method and I was kinda shock that in just 5 minutes, the question and every answer for it got down-voted several times, even correct answers. So I ...
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When is a question worth asking? [duplicate]

to my mind came the question, when a question is actually worth asking. I.e. if I'm stuck in a programming situation with a question/problem, that I could figure out by myself trough trial and error, ...

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