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What are the dynamics of the Stack Overflow community?

I want to share with you some observations and thoughts I made while using Stack Overflow more intensively over the last weeks. Many/most of the very high-ranked users are posting many, many answers, ...
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How to make a question more understandable?

I have posted a few questions on Stack Overflow. Some of them are fine and a few are not. I am not sure why this question is not gaining enough attention. The issue is very much genuine. There is ...
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What's better: a question with no attempt or with an unfixable/irrelevant attempt?

We sometimes get downvoted on Stack Overflow by posting one-liner, working answers to some users with a very clear problem, like here. So, OK, we're not a code-writing service, but what about the bad ...
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How to Stack Overflow?

Many new users find it difficult to Stack Overflow. They make the same mistakes over and over, like asking unclear questions, no MCVE, too broad or use answers to comment. I know that's our fault, ...
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Is it OK to ask a person to accept a different answer because it is more up to date than the current one?

While searching the web for something I came across this question: About changing glyphicon font colors I noticed that the first answer has a lot of votes compared to the other answers, yet the ...
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How to deal with temporary problems from largely used external tools [duplicate]

Maven Central Repository had a temporary problem with certificates yesterday that I ran into. After a few quick checks on my side on my configurations I posted a question on Stack Overflow. Very ...
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Make it easier to close job shop "gimme teh codez" questions

We used to have "Too Localized" which read: This question is unlikely to help any future visitors; it is only relevant to a small geographic area, a specific moment in time, or an extraordinarily ...
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I think there is a need for a Stack Overflow where the topics are exclusively about errors. So often I copy & paste my error/exception into Google and end up on Stack Overflow. But wouldn't it be ...
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Understanding the community and Stack Overflow

I'm not ranting; I am just somewhat confused about the community and the purpose of Stack Overflow. I usually do my best not to be a vampire and just leech code, so I go through questions on ...
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Is it OK to ask simple questions without showing your work?

I have seen a many popular questions on Stack Exchange which are asking for explanations for very simple things like what does the yield keyword do and does Python have a ternary conditional operator. ...
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Help on how to improve my negative scored questions

I am currently post-banned (the detailed explanation can be found here: My account ban does not seem salvageable; what should I do?). Because I don't know how my negative posts can be improved, I'd ...
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How to avoid being downvoted for a genuine, well researched question?

I am new to Stack Overflow. I am also new to PHP and MySQL. I have received downvotes and upvotes for several questions that I have asked on Stack Overflow on PHP and MySQL. I am really thankful to ...
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What is wrong with this question... not?

I am revisiting a much-disputed question: what is wrong with this post. The crazy thing is this: I'm completely changing the question. What is good about this question? Every time I read this ...
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When exactly should I ask questions in SO? [duplicate]

I am newbie to SO and programming.I am pretty confused about asking questions because I see people downvoting for asking basic questions and some calling help vampires. I would like to know in which ...
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Is this newbie question about a segmentation fault in C not acceptable for Stack Overflow?

I am a C newbie, and have recently asked the following question: Why am I getting a segmentation fault on a limit less than 169? However, my question has received a downvote. Should I take this to ...

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