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Are my questions fitting the criteria of "Help Center > Asking"?

I'm not asking with respect to number of answers or lack of upvotes or whatever, because I saw a lot of duplicate questions in that category. I want to know what I'm doing wrong asking wise, because I ...
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Is there anyway to further improve my bad question?

My question received a few downvotes, for reasons I mostly understand. I didn't read the guidelines clearly ...
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How can I improve my question which I am looking for a simple/trivial answer to?

Reimplementing hexchat's XText's hidden text in HTML? I can't tell what's wrong with it at all, all I can tell is that ppl want it closed/removed.
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What was wrong with this beginner question?

I was going back over old answers of mine and found this question asking "What the scope operator ( :: ) do in the class name". The question has a score of -2 with 2 upvotes and 4 downvotes, but ...
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How to more accurately describe my question?

I am about to post a question to Stack Overflow, but the page displays a warning about my question, "Questions with similar titles have frequently been downvoted and/or closed. Consider using a title ...
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Where should I do my research, and are low research effort questions bad?

From the help center How do I ask a good question: Search, and research ...and keep track of what you find. Even if you don't find a useful answer elsewhere on the site, including links to ...
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Is there a way to close a question that you found an answer to without deleting it or answering your own question? [duplicate]

I have an answer to my question that was proposed in a comment, and deleting my question will be bad for getting the ability to ask questions back (I had one very poorly received question). Answering ...
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What is a reasonable length of time to give for a poor question to be improved before voting to delete?

This question was undoubtedly poor and closed 40 minutes after asking. It was then deleted 16 minutes after that. Thus giving the questioner 16 minutes to act on the advice in the close message ...
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Stack Overflow Survey: Where do the developers go?

Looking through the results of the Stack Overflow survey each year, one graph always interests me. Does this mean that people are flooding into coding, or is there a 'life-span' to coding, to which ...
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How can I ask a question that requires a very large data set? [duplicate]

I want to write a question asking why a data set composed of hundreds of csv files, which is 1.99 Gb on HD, becomes 3.8 Gb when loaded in memory (R). I can provide the full code (it's not much, ...
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Doesn't the need to show your attempted solutions take away from the purpose of the site? [duplicate]

The site's about pages stresses that what's great about this site is it's just Questions and Answers, no discussion or opinions or extra information. That's apparently supposed to be the draw, that ...
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Is it on-topic to ask a question about protocol irrespective of its programming usage?

Let us say I have developed a TCP server using C#.NET and facing some issues. While debugging I come across CLOSE_WAIT status and could not understand what/why is that. So my question is "What is ...
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C++ question a duplicate of a question in Python?

C++: Running total not incrementing with for loop Python: How can I force division to be floating point? Division keeps rounding down to 0 C++ has totally different ways of solving the issue than ...
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What's unclear about copying a dictionary using the Python C API?

This question was closed as "unclear what you are asking": How to copy a dictionary using the Python C API The question: Was about programming Had a clear answer (given, I did not know it at the ...
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Require clarification on the amount of research a question needs in order not to be closed [duplicate]

The question that is prompting my request is What is the difference between List.of and Arrays.asList?. This is the type of question that asks the most trivial question about a new feature, the type ...

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