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something wrong with answer sorting? [duplicate]

I thought answers were always to be sorted in descending order, yet since a few days I'm seeing this kind of ordering, for example on this question: what is going on here?
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Answers out of order [duplicate]

I just got the Necromancer badge for an answer so went to look at it and noticed the answers were out of order as to what I expected them to be: Am I wrong or should the order in this case be: ...
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Answer with highest vote score is shown only at 5th position [duplicate]

This question: How to make a simple hyperlink in XAML? The answer with the highest vote is listed at 5th position only, and not on top. Why? Many comments say that it is the best answer.
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Order of displaying answers for a question [duplicate]

Have a look at below question : How to check if two words are anagrams I don't know the criteria for showing order of answers but you can see that lot of negative score answers are hiding good ...
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When tied for votes, show accepted answer at top [duplicate]

Accepted answers are no longer at the top, but should be when tied. At time of writing, that doesn't seem to be the case (1). Please favor accepted answer in a tie.
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Negatively scored low quality community wiki answer is the very first answer displayed [duplicate]

Are community wiki answers always displayed at the top regardless of their poor score or quality? Case in point is the following: A moderator just turned ...
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Why is the answer with most vote by far ( 52 ) shown as the last answer? [duplicate]

I 've read those two topics ( Is the latest answer the most correct answer? and Why is the accepted answer not on top? ). There is a question with four visible answers, with 0, 2, 3 and 52 upvotes ...
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Why aren't most voted answers displayed first? [duplicate]

If a question has an accepted answer, this answer is displayed first --> Makes sense However, questions without accepted answers, display them chronologically. Than means that even if an answer has ...
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Why are answers with high upvotes appear below the ones with lower votes [duplicate]

I am new to Stackoverflow Meta. I was looking at this question in Stackoverlfow. I know that the accepted answer is shown first (right below the question, as the first answer). Till now, I believed, ...
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Answer order why is a +69 answer below a +2 answer? [duplicate]

Checking this question WCF Service , how to increase the timeout?. Why is the upvoted +69 answer below the +2 answer? I would highly recommend the +69 on top.
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How is this answer with 1 vote positioned above an answer with more than 1? [duplicate]

Consider this question: Casting interfaces for deserialization in JSON.NET I am just curious, because the answer-positioning seems weird to me. What's the matter here?
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Order of answers [duplicate]

Imagine there's a great answer to a question, but people keep answering new answers. These new answers are worse, and the votes reflect that. Why does the old (but gold) answer stay so far below? ...
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Why do I no longer see top-voted answers first? [duplicate]

I used to just see the best answers first, but in recent months it seems as if the default sort is "active"... I want to see the top-voted answers by default. Is there a way to do this?
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How do I make Stack Overflow sort shown answers by relevance? [duplicate]

I don't remember changing any setting, but all of a sudden Stack Overflow answers start showing with irrelevant ordering: An accepted answer can appear somewhere in the middle of other answers. ...
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Why new answers appear before old answers? [duplicate]

Let's suppose that I answer a question, and my answer is correct. A little bit later, another guy post an answer, practically identical as mine, and his answer appears before than mine. Although the ...
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