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User sent me an email after downvoting and leaving a closing vote of another user's question [duplicate]

The comment that made me question: @gsamaras I sent you an e-mail. – theUser 1 min ago That user seems to have a high reputation. However, I am afraid that I might see content that will be not OK ...
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Being called after leaving personal data on SO accidentally [duplicate]

A couple of hours ago I've made a big mistake, I have left my personal data in my question. Cannot get content in proper place I have edited it out but its still visible in the revisions of the ...
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Stack Overflow helped me with my problem: on which network can I share my success story?

A few days ago, I was stuck with a Spring integration issue for days, and there was no one I could ask for help (I live in a Sub-Saharan Africa region), so I joined Stack Overflow and posted a ...
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What do I do about receiving an offensive email from another user on Stack Overflow?

So, this is a little bit odd, and I've been confused if I should have this question here, or not; however I'm going ahead, posting it, after reading multiple related questions about editing posts on ...
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What do I do about being harassed by users outside of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Earlier I voted to close a question on Stack Overflow (the user was ranting about the site). This person proceeded to track down an email address via my publicly listed website and email me regarding ...
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User inviting others to Skype to solve their problems

Recently I have seen a user that is quite zealous in contributing to Stack Overflow. The user is relatively new to SO (the account is only a few months old), but they have over 100 answers and about ...
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I asked to have edit history redacted (as per a Meta post), but the flag was declined. Why?

In an answer to Crystal Reporting - Multiple Colums of Data a poster had offered their telephone number for further help. I flagged as Other and request a mod redact the edit history, informed by ...
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How do I ask if a question was resolved?

What is the best way to ask someone if they ever found an answer to their question? For example, I was looking at this question, and it was asked seven months ago. What is the best way to ask if the ...
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How to show appreciation to a user on Stack Overflow

I'm pleased for the help I've received from some user on the site. So I want to make some notes to describe the helpful users. How can I do this? Is it possible? Usually we accept answers, or up ...
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Etiquette: contact user on another network

Is it considered a bad practice to contact a user on another network? Send a LinkedIn invite for example?
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Harassing email from user [duplicate]

Closed a question from a new user as a duplicate and a few hours later got an email with the following (censoring mine): "duplicated? f**k you f**k you f**k you.... I want to disable save ...
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Yet another offensive email from another new user on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

So, I previously had asked a similar question regarding a harassing and offensive email I received from an S.O. user who didn't like to have high-quality posts! S.O. team was very helpful and they ...
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