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Why was my custom flag declined?

I flagged this answer: No, this is not possible. What effect are you trying to achieve? With the following custom reason: This answer, while just barely technically an answer, doesn't serve to ...
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Is "this is a known, unfixed bug" an acceptable answer? [duplicate]

This is similar to a question on the impossible, but aimed at a slightly different case. When a question is butting up against a known bug in something (e.g. a library, the compiler, some analysis ...
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Is it good to delete an unresolvable question? [duplicate]

Sometimes I asked some questions without actually any answers. For example, a question: How do I batch rename variables with their suggested names in ReSharper? This question, in fact, is ...
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Are questions that can be answered right only negatively welcomed

Hoping that my problem will be solved, I asked a question. My question attracted many useless answers at the beginning from users that probably didn't read my question till end. If anyone can reword ...
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Should high reputation users be able to answer in such fashion?

The original question that I raised is here: Mongo Query that always returns zero documents Admittedly, my use-case is slightly non-standard, but it's not too large a stretch of the imagination that ...
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What's the best way to deal with Questions that have "Not possible" as an answer? [duplicate]

I've asked some "how-to" questions that turned out that I can't do what i'm asking for. I receive that "Not possible" answer in the comments, because there is no actual answer for the question. In ...
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I don't understand how to get more information about a review queue suspension and actually learn from it

I got suspended for saying Looks Ok on this post I just read it over again and agree with my take and one other person agreed. Two people just stated ...
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Is this really considered as an answer?

I find disturbing that this answer to this question (Can Google Chrome open local links?) is the one that received the most upvotes. My first thinking reading this was: this is not an answer and ...
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“Owners”/“Officials” for a tag

I came across this complaint by Brian Lagunas, the owner of Prism, about his answer to Why GoBackAsync() doesn't fire on OnNavigatedTo() method of previous page? And it got me to thinking, we can ...
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How am I supposed to contact mods and understand their statements when they purposefully ignore me?

I had asked whether users are expected to know the answer to their question a priori in order to know whether their question is on-topic? This was in response to a moderator saying that the "whole ...
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