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Is a "Can I do A?"-type question answered with a "no, but you can do B"-type answer on topic?

Is answering a question that asks to do something with a specific tool or library off topic if another way to solve the problem without the tool is shown? How to change some columns name when using pd....
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What to do with edits to questions "To verify @<username>'s answer that this is not possible. I had the following Q&A with Chat GPT"

I have answered a question as "It's not possible" having a two of tags that I'm gold tag badge holder and provided the link to the official doc about the related feature. The OP replied to ...
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How best to edit questions for which the answer turns out to be "not possible...but"

I sometimes ask questions for which the answer is "this is not possible". One common source of these (and I suspect this happens to other question askers as well) is the relative lack of ...
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Is "this is a known, unfixed bug" an acceptable answer? [duplicate]

This is similar to a question on the impossible, but aimed at a slightly different case. When a question is butting up against a known bug in something (e.g. a library, the compiler, some analysis ...
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I don't understand how to get more information about a review queue suspension and actually learn from it

I got suspended for saying Looks Ok on this post I just read it over again and agree with my take and one other person agreed. Two people just stated ...
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Is this really considered as an answer?

I find disturbing that this answer to this question (Can Google Chrome open local links?) is the one that received the most upvotes. My first thinking reading this was: this is not an answer and ...
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What should I do with legitimate questions that can't be answered?

I'll just start off with what prompted me to post this. I got a review suspension for this triage review, which I marked as "Looks OK". I know there are quite a lot of meta posts on "...
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Is it ok to ask for a workaround?

If something is known not to be a feature in a language, is it appropriate to ask if a workaround can be discovered? Is it also appropriate to pose this type of question, if it also shows research, ...
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Is it good to delete an unresolvable question? [duplicate]

Sometimes I asked some questions without actually any answers. For example, a question: How do I batch rename variables with their suggested names in ReSharper? This question, in fact, is ...
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Is it okay to answer about software that is no longer maintained with different software?

I am a big fan of web automation and scraping. Recently I started answering questions related to such in JavaScript, but I noticed people still use some popular, but non-maintained software which can ...
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Should high reputation users be able to answer in such fashion?

The original question that I raised is here: Mongo Query that always returns zero documents Admittedly, my use-case is slightly non-standard, but it's not too large a stretch of the imagination that ...
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“Owners”/“Officials” for a tag

I came across this complaint by Brian Lagunas, the owner of Prism, about his answer to Why GoBackAsync() doesn't fire on OnNavigatedTo() method of previous page? And it got me to thinking, we can ...
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How am I supposed to contact mods and understand their statements when they purposefully ignore me?

I had asked whether users are expected to know the answer to their question a priori in order to know whether their question is on-topic? This was in response to a moderator saying that the "whole ...
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How is this answer consisting only of "NO"s an answer, or am I missing something?

I recently came across this answer. For reference, here's the text of the answer, which also contains a graphical version of the word "NO": NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ...
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Is an answer that says that there is no answer a valid answer? [duplicate]

Do Ternary and If/Else compile to the same thing, why? The link above points to an answer that says that java is slow, and claims that there is not an answer to my question despite the answer written ...
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