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Why was my custom flag declined?

I flagged this answer: No, this is not possible. What effect are you trying to achieve? With the following custom reason: This answer, while just barely technically an answer, doesn't serve to ...
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Is it ok to ask for a workaround?

If something is known not to be a feature in a language, is it appropriate to ask if a workaround can be discovered? Is it also appropriate to pose this type of question, if it also shows research, ...
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What to do with edits to questions "To verify @<username>'s answer that this is not possible. I had the following Q&A with Chat GPT"

I have answered a question as "It's not possible" having a two of tags that I'm gold tag badge holder and provided the link to the official doc about the related feature. The OP replied to ...
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How best to edit questions for which the answer turns out to be "not possible...but"

I sometimes ask questions for which the answer is "this is not possible". One common source of these (and I suspect this happens to other question askers as well) is the relative lack of ...
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I don't understand how to get more information about a review queue suspension and actually learn from it

I got suspended for saying Looks Ok on this post I just read it over again and agree with my take and one other person agreed. Two people just stated ...
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What to do with plain wrong questions

Stumbling upon this question got me thinking. What should I do with questions that are just plain wrong? For example, that question completely goes against the Apples Human Interface Guidelines.
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Is this really considered as an answer?

I find disturbing that this answer to this question (Can Google Chrome open local links?) is the one that received the most upvotes. My first thinking reading this was: this is not an answer and ...
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A valid answer ended up in the Low Quality queue and has probably been marked as not an answer

This is my answer, now deleted, to Text blurry after 3D transform This is just the way transforms and all the similar effects are implemented. Don't try fixing your code, just wait for browser ...
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Are questions that can be answered right only negatively welcomed

Hoping that my problem will be solved, I asked a question. My question attracted many useless answers at the beginning from users that probably didn't read my question till end. If anyone can reword ...
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Is "this is a known, unfixed bug" an acceptable answer? [duplicate]

This is similar to a question on the impossible, but aimed at a slightly different case. When a question is butting up against a known bug in something (e.g. a library, the compiler, some analysis ...
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