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Require clarification on the amount of research a question needs in order not to be closed [duplicate]

The question that is prompting my request is What is the difference between List.of and Arrays.asList?. This is the type of question that asks the most trivial question about a new feature, the type ...
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How to close "Please write code" type questions? [duplicate]

I was looking at this question, we see these from time to time. They're effectively "Can you write some code for me?" or "Please write demo code" questions. Firstly should these be closed? If so what ...
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Users posting questions with an initial attempt that doesn't try hard enough [duplicate]

Has anybody else noticed this trend? I think some users have gotten wise to the requirement that they attempt to solve their issue before posting a question. So they post something with an initial ...
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Adding "lack of effort" as a close vote reason [duplicate]

I frequently come across SO questions that have code snippets just copy/pasted from poor online sites and asking what is the problem with that code and why it doesn't work. The main problem with these ...
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Why is there no “author of the question did no research before asking” flag? [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions that apparently are flagged, because the author of the question didn't just google the title of his question instead of asking on Stack Overflow, or didn't try to find a ...
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Is this question considered on-topic? [duplicate]

How do I clear the content of a div using JavaScript? Yes, it's a "specific programming problem" involving "a software algorithm" and definitely "a practical, answerable problem that is unique to ...
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Do questions have to have an attempted solution? [duplicate]

When asking a question, how necessary is it to provide an attempt? Usually when I have a question for SO, I know right away that any solution I provide is going to be heavy-handed. For example, in ...
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How to deal with users that seem to use SO instead of thinking? [duplicate]

Without finger pointing, I have the feeling that some users ask questions, whenever they hit a problem no matter how simple the problem is. I agree, that there are problems which seem simple to more ...
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Why can't I close vote a question becaues it shows no efforts from OP? [duplicate]

I came across this question, where the OP just asks about solution. He/she hasn't done any efforts, as even searching on the Internet gives a lot of solutions. I tried close voting, but I didn't find ...
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What to do with questions that don't show any research effort? [duplicate]

I apologize in advance as this is probably a common question, I did a quick search but couldn't find a satisfying answer. So there's a category of poor questions which don't show any research effort ...
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New Flag to delete the question asked without any efforts [duplicate]

A new flag should be provided to delete the question asked without any efforts. Flag might be "No Self-Efforts Taken" or anything similar. There are many questions without self-effort on ...
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Is "I'm voting to close this question because it doesn't show any attempt or work" a valid custom close reason? [duplicate]

It was pointed out to me that "I'm voting to close this question because it doesn't show any effort" isn't a valid custom close reason. This was discussed in the comment section of How to ...
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Is the "Too Broad" close reason applicable for zero-effort questions? [duplicate]

I was going through the Reopen Votes queue and came across this question, which was closed as being too broad, with the following explanation: Please edit the question to limit it to a specific ...
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Would the site benefit from a "user has not performed basic research" close vote category? [duplicate]

Lately, I've noticed a lot of questions, especially by new users, which show a lack of minimal research effort, even in the form of looking in the "similar questions" list while writing a question. ...
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Add new closing option "Shows little or no effort" [duplicate]

Everyday, more and more questions are posted that are simply variances of "do my job for me while I go have a beer". These questions show little or no effort on the OPs' part, not even to ...
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