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Which part was wrong in my review?

I was suspended from reviewing due to a failed audit of this question. Which part was wrong in this question?
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Why would choosing to edit/improve a review lead to a suspension?

Part1 I failed a review audit by clicking the edit button, and I would like to get some clarity why, and see if anyone else maybe agrees with my views in the bottom half of this post. This is a ...
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Bad first question audit experience: incorrect audit, audit doesn't help reviewer, and unactionable after [duplicate]

I don't often review things, but decided to try out the first questions queue for fun. I got an audit which was bad for a few reasons: I believe the audit was just incorrect altogether. The question ...
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Why does a first question review audit fail me when I select an open-ended option? [duplicate]

I just failed an audit on the first question queue - this was the audit question - and firstly it was an obvious audit because it had no associated user but also I clicked share feedback whereupon it ...
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Why did I fail this first question review audit after choosing sharing feedback?

I just want somebody to explain why "Share feedback" is an audit fail for this review on a "known good" post. I believe that sharing feedback does not mean the post was bad, it is ...
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Suspended from reviewing based on questions that are just error messages

I have been suspended from reviewing for failing these review audits: On September 8: On September 22:
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Failed First Posts review audits are not cleared after suspension period has ended

So I failed two review audits and got suspended for two days … I'm not complaining, but I want to understand why the system works the way it works.
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Why does this count as a failed review audit? [duplicate]

I was given this answer to review in the First Posts category. All I did was leave a comment saying Please explain what your code does and how it does it. Also, please don't copy people's answers. ...
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"stop and listen" false alert when adding a comment [duplicate]

Reviewing first-time posts, I got a "STOP AND LISTEN" audit failure after I had added a comment suggesting to improve the question. (Next thing I wanted to do is click on "Looks OK"...
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Commenting on audit tests - review queues [duplicate]

I was reviewing first posts and came across this question and decided to leave a comment. After I had pressed "post comment" it told me that I was reviewing the question incorrectly even ...
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High Quality Example Posts in Review Queue [duplicate]

To be honest, I don't know whether this belongs here or not. I stumbled upon this question in my review-queue and think the evaluation is rather unfair. My review was to comment saying, that a link to ...
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Why was this software support question considered "high quality"?

Link to the audit here I failed an audit that was asking about software support for Xcode by leaving a comment. Why is a software support question appropriate for Stack Overflow and not an Xcode-...
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Appeal for suspension due to commenting on an question that doesn't have any code

I got suspended for reviewing for 4 days due to this review. I didn't expect that clarifying a question with no code would get me suspended. (I only commented on the question). I was asking what ...
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Was this a bad audit? [duplicate]

I was reviewing First Posts just now, and I failed an audit: I didn't think it was a very good answer, and I attempted to comment to let the poster know, which the system rightly (in this case) ...
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First posts audit dispute [duplicate]

I was pinged on this First Posts audit when adding a comment: I was trying to suggest that the question might be more appropriate to send to the ...
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