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Failed audit for making a valid comment? [duplicate]

I was given an audit that I felt didn't belong on StackOverflow, but perhaps would be a better fit on CodeReview. I made this comment to the question as it was still a well worded question and not in ...
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I am got blocked from review and I think it is incorrect, what to do now? [duplicate]

I was reviewed a question and the result is this. I just left a comment. But it said that I reviewed it wrongly and banned me for one month! Should always a comment be negative? If yes, then there ...
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Why does commenting cause me to fail a review audit? [duplicate]

I was recently given this review audit for Convariance with C# Generics. The question asked for two things: Why the as conversion didn't work And how to achieve the desired effect As someone who ...
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Left a comment and clicked I am done failed an audit? [duplicate]

Um... totally strange or maybe a possible bug? I have got this answer in the First Post Review. All I did was left a comment and clicked I'm done but that has failed me... I'm struggling a bit to ...
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Commenting on "First Post" review test always leads to a penalty [duplicate]

I was reviewing first posts today and got this test question: (represented by this question) Because the output was included as images, I just ...
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Why does this count as a failed review audit? [duplicate]

I was given this answer to review in the First Posts category. All I did was leave a comment saying Please explain what your code does and how it does it. Also, please don't copy people's answers. ...
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Slapped for adding a comment to a good answer review [duplicate]

This is probably a known issue and I don't have any suggestion for improvement, as I agree with the current behavior, although I got bitten. I was reviewing late answers and I came across How can I ...
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Yet another llame "STOP! Look and Listen" [duplicate]

I clicked on "add comment", because I wanted to add some thougts to the question. The result? Well, listen to what? Commenting is a review failure? Why leave the "add comment"-option open then? The ...
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Why does stackoverflow think giving a comment during reviewing is downvoting it? [duplicate]

So I did some reviews, the problem always is, I usually know the answer to the question. In this particular instance the question didn't realize he kind of answered the question himself, so I ...
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Leaving a comment is considered as a "negative" review [duplicate]

I received this post through first posts review queue. However, when i left the comment to it, the engine considered my comment as "negative" review and showed up the warning Should i always press "...
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Trying to leave a comment should never fail a review audit [duplicate]

I just failed a review audit because I tried to leave a comment on a high quality question. This is wrong: leaving a comment should never cause a review failure. The presumption that adding a comment ...
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Failed Audit for commenting [duplicate]

I failed this audit, for commenting the exact same comment already having more than 20 upvotes (which wasn't visible during audit): Please include the compilation error message. I did not upvote ...
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Why get a fail test in First Posts review when we want comment to improve the post? [duplicate]

I recently earned the privilege to review First Posts, so I tried it a little. I passed a test once and I got a case where I failed. I think it is very good to have a system to test people like me who ...
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Comments cause failed first post review [duplicate]

Going through the 1st post review queue, I came across this post (which happened to be an audit post) Now this answer, while providing a valid counter-example to the question, asserts that the answer ...
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Failed audit for suggesting a post on Code Review [duplicate]

I just failed my first review for suggesting a user may get better answers on Code Review. The question presents two options of working code, and asks: What are the pros and cons? Or is there a ...
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Failed an audit, when I only intended to leave a comment [duplicate]

I just failed an audit. It was an answer presented as a first post by a new user, with the text: When the Sup constructor calls printA() it executes the printA method of class Sub (which overrides ...
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Question without a question given as audit - is this legit? [duplicate]

The question Vulnerability in closed plugin Yuzo Related Posts was given to me as a review audit, and I've posted a comment about the lack of a question - and thus failed the audit. What was wrong ...
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"stop and listen" false alert when adding a comment [duplicate]

Reviewing first-time posts, I got a "STOP AND LISTEN" audit failure after I had added a comment suggesting to improve the question. (Next thing I wanted to do is click on "Looks OK"...
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Incorrectly failed first post review audit because of a *positive* comment on a good answer [duplicate]

While reviewing the First Posts queue I was presented this question. It seemed like a very good question for which I wanted to compliment the first poster. I added a positive comment that also ...
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First posts audit dispute [duplicate]

I was pinged on this First Posts audit when adding a comment: I was trying to suggest that the question might be more appropriate to send to the ...
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Review "First Posts" audit failed on commenting [duplicate]

I was reviewing first posts when I came along this post: Replace the string of special characters in c# I wanted to go ahead and comment giving suggestions to use StringBuilder instead of string. As ...
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Commenting on audit tests - review queues [duplicate]

I was reviewing first posts and came across this question and decided to leave a comment. After I had pressed "post comment" it told me that I was reviewing the question incorrectly even ...
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Ambiguous audit reviews for answers? [duplicate]

I recently was reviewing posts and was met with an answer that needed review. The answer presented to me was a code only answer. My understanding of code only answers is that while they can be helpful ...
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Add dispute for audit fail [duplicate]

I reviewed a triage item and apparently failed this item. As a result, I've been banned from review tasks for 7 days! In my defense, this solution was 38 lines of code with ZERO explanation and ...
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Remove poor review audits from the system? [duplicate]

I am not sure where or how to post this but I just was presented with a review question which I personally found rather poor. It was listed in the First Posts Review queue and it looked kind of "...
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Adding comment in Late answers brings audit to fail? [duplicate]

I've just faced this "Late Answer", I saw the quality of the post is good, but as far as I know that topic and I found a small mistake in the answer I wanted to add comment, but when pressed "Add ...
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Your review was inappropriate - sorry, but it wasn't

I got into the world of reviewing posts and this shows up: "STOP! Look and Listen. This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. Your review was inappropriate. ...
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Suspended from reviewing based on questions that are just error messages

I have been suspended from reviewing for failing these review audits: On September 8: On September 22:
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Failed First Posts review audits are not cleared after suspension period has ended

So I failed two review audits and got suspended for two days … I'm not complaining, but I want to understand why the system works the way it works.
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Why did I fail this first question review audit after choosing sharing feedback?

I just want somebody to explain why "Share feedback" is an audit fail for this review on a "known good" post. I believe that sharing feedback does not mean the post was bad, it is ...

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