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Why was this software support question considered "high quality"?

Link to the audit here I failed an audit that was asking about software support for Xcode by leaving a comment. Why is a software support question appropriate for Stack Overflow and not an Xcode-...
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Reporting a dubious review audit (is this what we should do?)

I reviewed this post, which turned out to be a review audit, and I failed. Interestingly, the system calls it a high quality post (which I'd beg to differ :) ) but I thought the reason I failed it ...
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Is it consensus that commenting should (not) lead to failing review audits?

I was about to add a comment to an answer when it hit me. It says my “review” was inappropriate, though I was just about to add a comment. The First Posts review form encourages to “comment to leave ...
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Blocked from reviewing due to incorrect Audit : dispute resolution

I failed an audit on "Reviewing First posts" today while reviewing this question. I did not disagree with the answer, so I was not downvoting the answer. I felt that the answer was too short and hence ...
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Was this a bad audit in the First Posts queue?

I was hit with this audit: I failed it as the answer was removed as 'NAA' (Not An Answer). I disagree with this as it obviously is an answer (it may not be a good one, but it is what it is). However ...
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Failed FP audit due to downvote. Is my mental rule for downvoting wrong? [duplicate]

I just failed an audit in First Posts which now locks me out for 2 days. While I perfectly understood why I failed before (misclicked button, misinterpreted problem statement), I was puzzled by that ...
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An attempt to comment should pass audits regardless of known-good or known-bad

The purpose of the audit system is to help new reviewers hone their moderation skills, and make sure everyone is paying attention. What is the purpose of this test? The test (known as a review audit) ...
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Comments on First Posts / Late Answers should not count as reviews

Proposal: Comments on First Posts / Late Answers should not count as reviews Note I'm not suggesting they should pass them either, they should simply not be a review action. This would alleviate the ...
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Getting failed for review audits when they are blatantly wrong

Example here: This is now the second time this has happened to me, where I'm "failed" on an audit which I believe is wrong. I get the distinct ...
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Why does just clicking EDIT fail review audit?

I have found similar questions asking Why does commenting cause me to fail a review audit? and Review audit failed after just clicking "add comment". Here is what I've asked: I was ...
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Appeal for suspension due to commenting on an question that doesn't have any code

I got suspended for reviewing for 4 days due to this review. I didn't expect that clarifying a question with no code would get me suspended. (I only commented on the question). I was asking what ...
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Use of comments while reviewing on an audit question from Stack Overflow

Today I was reviewing a question on Stack Overflow. The OP was saying that he couldn't find the documentation about a keyword and was pointing to a certain empty link. I did a brief search for it and ...
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Low quality answer during review audit (yet another?)

Background For this SO reviewer test item (SO Question: is there anything wrong with this Singleton class) The direct question at the very ...
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Which part was wrong in my review?

I was suspended from reviewing due to a failed audit of this question. Which part was wrong in this question?
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Failed audit review but the counter went up

Today I passed 500 rep mark and I wanted to celebrate it with my first review, but strange stuff happened. First of all, although the question was well formatted, I wanted to add a comment with a ...

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