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Why should we avoid to use "hi" and "thank you" but "haha", "lol" and "lmao"? [duplicate]

I know that in many questions/answers, the words "Hi everyone!" or "Thank you!" will be removed automatically. But why in many questions/answers, I saw that there were many people still using the ...
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Why is a closing "Thank you" deemed unprofessional? [duplicate]

I know in the grand scheme this is incredibly minor, however it really bothers me. I do 99% of my coding in relation to solution and tool building for an IT department. As a result of writing AND ...
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Do users get reputation points for doing edits? [duplicate]

Does a user get reputation points for editing a question? I ask because I have recently had a question edited in such an inconsequential manner I was left wondering why anyone would bother (for what ...
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Is my Review privileges suspension justified

I got my Review privileges suspended just now because of 4 rejected Suggested edits reviews by a moderator. These are rejected review references:
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Puritanism on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I post this because my question was edited because I used the word "stupid" two times. "Stupid". And the word was not intended to offend anyone, as you can see in the context of the previous link. I ...
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Does this place value form over function?

I'm asking with respect to some edits made to a one of my questions (10k+). They were: Removed synopsis of root cause in title Put an error message and code into a quote block Removed two "...
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Seeking second opinions about an edit that was made to my question

An edit was made to a question of mine, which I am slightly unhappy about. Before I go revert parts or all of the edit, I would appreciate some second opinions. Yes, I was perhaps a bit more verbose ...
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Please don't delete the "thank you" comment when the OP thanks the answerer

Taking the decision of accepting an answer among many answers is very hard as it implicitly may give the feeling of "I like the other answer more than this" From a while ago, I asked a question and I ...
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Where has all the community gone?

I haven't been here from day 1, but I've been here a damned long time at this point. Stack Overflow has been one of my favorite places on the web for nearly a decade. Back then (grumbles the old guy ...
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How to avoid editing war [duplicate]

I have been answering questions about fairly specific technical topics and libraries - mostly ones for which I am a lead developer -- for several years. Over the past few days, one person (who I do ...
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Editing, Downvote and Close Vote Etiquette - What are the ground rules? [closed]

Earlier today, I posted a question in relation to a weird error I'm getting. A few hours later, I came back and discovered that someone had edited it to "remove unneeded exposition and improve ...
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An instance of moderators not honoring their own advice with respect to meta commentary

tl;dr Specific advice was given by the moderator team (as a whole, anonymously). When that advice was subsequently followed, a specific moderator's action explicitly undid it on a specific post, and ...
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What can be done about people who edit a question in order to make it look like it doesn't belong on a particular site? [closed]

Background I am trying to solve a problem related the web app that I build for a client, involving Google Analytics failing to display data. I searched across all Stack Exchange sites and found that ...
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Moderator removed my good-natured response to gender-exclusive language

This message was written to Stack Overflow support. I wanted to post it here in Meta to get the community's response as well. It's a little scatterbrained because I'm pretty tilted, but I wanted to ...
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