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Should I edit out unnecessary "sorry, thanks", etc. from questions? [duplicate]

In this question about getting %appdata% in Python, the user asks this: Sorry if this is a redundant question, writing a Python file that needs to pull from the %APPDATA% directory. What is the ...
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What's the procedure when I don't agree with a change made to my edit by a reviewer?

I recently suggested this edit and it was approved by two users while a third chose what I presume is an 'Edit' option in the suggested edit reviews and added back in 2 lines of the 'fluff' my ...
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How to handle apologetic content in questions? [duplicate]

I make a conscious effort to not be (too) apologetic when asking questions; I regard it as fluff. On the other hand it may provide valuable insight into the skill level the asker has with the specific ...
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Trailing thanks in questions [duplicate]

When reviewing questions from new users I often encounter they postfix their questions with "Thanks in advance", "Thank you", "Thanks, %name%", whatever. Is thanking in questions appropriate or should ...
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Are mass edits removing extensive "thanks" and greeting lines from Q and A's acceptable for users with 2K Rep and more? [duplicate]

Hi guys how are you (*wink*) Salutations, greeting, "thanks", and signatures in questions and answers are discouraged by community consensus. A blog post by Jon Skeet that is linked to on the help ...
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How can I understand this moderator activity on my questions and answers?

When I opened Stack Overflow just now, I saw that a moderator had edited some of my questions and answers. This was probably triggered by some comments under the following post where I was active ...
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Why is text in the question body removed when removing punctuation? [duplicate]

I just came by this question: React - Infinity Loop when updating a state inside useEffect function with dependency array First thing I did was try to remove the initial dot from the body content, but ...
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What to do when a user targets your question history?

I'm not sure why, but recently, I had a single user (who only shares one tag with me) go through my question history, and make very questionable edits to posts that are both new (~1 month) and old (~8 ...
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How do you reply to someone who has edited your question? [duplicate]

How do you reply to someone who has edited your question? Or is this purposely not allowed?
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Will an editor's edit explanation go to the specified user in the explanation?

Suppose you suggest an edit, and in the explanation box type something like: ”@username Corrected some spelling.” Will the message go to the username's inbox? (I, for one, don't intend to; I am just ...
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Using campaign URLs in external links

In some answers I would like to link to a blog post where I discuss a similar subject. It would be interesting to see what traffic is coming from Stack Overflow to my blog. Am I allowed to add Google ...
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My account been banned from asking questions, how can I delete my account?

My account been banned from asking questions and I'd like to delete my account. Can the same mail address be used on more than one Stack Overflow account? What happens if I delete my account, and ...
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Why did I get a one-year ban on all review categories for making mistakes in one category? [duplicate]

I have made 4 mistakes on "Suggested Edits" review category which I still don't know why they were wrong; however I take the full responsibility of them. Because of these mistakes, I have ...
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How to handle legitimate questions about an illegal project

Recently, I came across this question. The question is about creating an image carousel in WooCommerce; so the question itself isn't too bad. However, the author provides a link to example screenshots ...
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dropping beginning of line off edits [duplicate]

On this post Google Search Console: Fetch-and-Render fails on random resources I included "Hi @jeron-diovis, you..." to the beginning of an answer... it dropped the "Hi @jeron-" I then edited it to ...
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