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"Chatty" flag declined on comment but I think that was the wrong decision

I flagged a comment on this answer: Recover dropped stash in git As too chatty, basically because all the comments are Thanks this help load, you saved my day, etc. These slightly useless and ...
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Should I approve an edit that barely improves something [duplicate]

I don't know whether this is a permalink but the edit was to change the case of a proper noun. Technically that's an improvement but jeepers - the guy clicked edit, changed the case and saved, now it'...
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What's the procedure when I don't agree with a change made to my edit by a reviewer?

I recently suggested this edit and it was approved by two users while a third chose what I presume is an 'Edit' option in the suggested edit reviews and added back in 2 lines of the 'fluff' my ...
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My account been banned from asking questions, how can I delete my account?

My account been banned from asking questions and I'd like to delete my account. Can the same mail address be used on more than one Stack Overflow account? What happens if I delete my account, and ...
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How to handle apologetic content in questions? [duplicate]

I make a conscious effort to not be (too) apologetic when asking questions; I regard it as fluff. On the other hand it may provide valuable insight into the skill level the asker has with the specific ...
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Being polite while asking a question? [duplicate]

I try to be polite and courteous when asking for help thus I always try to end my questions with a "Thank you for the help!" or something similar (on the initial post) just to show some appreciation ...
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Trailing thanks in questions [duplicate]

When reviewing questions from new users I often encounter they postfix their questions with "Thanks in advance", "Thank you", "Thanks, %name%", whatever. Is thanking in questions appropriate or should ...
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Dealing with "ask-and-run" questioners

Here's a behavior pattern that I see often: The OP posts a question I come along, say, five minutes later and discover the question. It needs further information or tweaking, so I pose some crucial ...

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