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Answered correctly, asker thanked and removed his question [duplicate]

Here's the question. It's kind of weird that you can remove a question that has been answered. My answer was correct however it didn't have any up-votes. But perhaps it didn't have the chance to ...
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I flagged a question when it was deleted after receiving an answer, the flag is still pending 5 days later, is there anything else I can do? [duplicate]

This question: QString replace characters outside of quotes was removed by its author 4 minutes after a working solution has been proposed by me. This is enough time to copy the code, having in mind ...
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Same user repeatedly deletes questions which have valid answers [duplicate]

I have already posted about this issue Question deleted by original poster even though it has an answer from another user, but the post was about why it happened. As such it was tagged as duplicate, ...
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Author deleted their question which I answered and he responded saying I answered his question [duplicate]

I answered a question, but then the author said I answered their question ("That is amazing, Great Work! I understand! Thank You!!"), and then they deleted their post. I thought Stack Overflow doesn'...
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Poster asked question, then deleted it once it was answered [duplicate]

This question was asked. About 10 minutes later I answered it. About 1 minute later the OP deleted the question. I'm annoyed that I wasted my time making the answer, and I want to punish the OP for ...
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How to deal with an user deleting a valid question with an answer -- and then asking it again? [duplicate]

I don't know how to deal with an user having deleted a (more or less) valid question with a (good) answer -- and then asking it again with only a minor change (added request for a DISTINCT clause is ...
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Make deleted posts searchable for 30 days

I regularly teach programming classes. Like most instructors, I occasionally see students that I know to be both lazy and weak turn in suspiciously good projects and sometimes am able to locate online ...
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Asker can delete question as soon as an answer is received, which also deletes answer. Design/flaw?

I encountered a situation where I put effort down in answering a question, and saw it be deleted as soon as I posted the answer. According to the rules: Users can delete their own questions if the ...
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User who continuously deletes questions after getting an answer, then posts a followup

I think I spotted some bad behavior by an Stack Overflow member: he asks a question, then gets an answer, and then deletes the first question and asks a more narrow question. He'll delete the new one ...
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How should questions containing proprietary code be handled when OP asks for deletion

When a user asks for help without reading the FAQ first, and posts code that they are working with from their day job - how should the situation be handled when the OP requests that the code be taken ...
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