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How can I ask a "good question" and not get flagged? [duplicate]

I am trying my best to ask my questions in a format that is acceptable on this platform. I've used the wizard and searched extensively for documentation that gives direction. However, I keep getting ...
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Reopen my question about Android application crashing

My question was put on hold, but I have edited to make it better now. Is it possible for it to be reopened? If so, please help me out.
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Is Stack Overflow only for professionals? [duplicate]

I am an IT student. I found out about Stack Overflow one year ago and since then I've learned lots of things from here. Most of time I visit Stack Overflow when searching for a solution to my problem ...
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Why was this question downvoted?

I have asked this question and was downvoted. Can someone point out issues with this question, so that I can improve? Edit: I have read this, but want to know which reason here justifies the downvote ...
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What's wrong with my post?

I just posted this question and instantly got downvoted. I've been searching for solutions for 3 days and found nothing useful. I added some of the links I took a look at; it's not my first post and ...
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Where do I ask questions about plugins for a framework? [duplicate]

Because a question "Is there a plugin for X in Jquery", is apparently off topic on Stack Overflow, and also off topic at "Software Recommendations". There is technically no place in this site to ask ...
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What does the wording means "This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers."

What does these wording means "This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers." Example: enter link description here
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Why is one of my standard comments being systematically deleted?

I have a boiler plate comment I use to help prompt new users to provide more detail to spartan posts. Particularly posts where they show no attempt or post images of code. I use it as I try to be ...
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Why my questions immediately getting Downvotes? How to improve? [duplicate]

So below is a question I asked recently. How to check nil for a property already forcefully downcasts. It is a problem I faced while doing a project. So I searched in google just like I always do, but ...
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How can users see past questions on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

When a new question is asked by the users, the older ones are neglected or unseen by anybody. Or the older questions will go down to the last, and the newer one at the top. Then more and more ...
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Overzealous automatic deletion

My question was automatically deleted because it got -2 votes (no reasons were given) and no answers within 30 days. I believe that the problem was well-explained and researched. I also believe that, ...
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Downvotes and comments deletion for no apparent reason [duplicate]

I posted a question here and got an initial response as if I'm trying to write malware and downvote. After politely explaining what I am trying to achieve, the respondent understood and asked me to ...
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Why was my question downvoted and closed? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why does this ASP web page not refresh data? A few minutes after posting I saw my question had been downvoted and closed. I don't get why as I exposed a ...
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Why was my question downvoted, and did I not get any reasons? [duplicate]

So, recently I asked a question, which immediately got downvotes. I asked why, multiple times, but no-one seemed to be bothered to answer that. I get the normal reasons for downvotes, and why ...
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What can you do if someone claim a simple search can yield the answer and you disagree?

When I asked this question (which is now on hold), a user commented this is solvable by a simple SO or google search. I actually did search before I post but couldn't find any answer, so in the ...
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