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I unknowingly broke Stack Overflow etiquette and my question was downvoted because of it, how can I now get my question answered?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow. Due to my inexperience in the topic I didn't quite know how to ask the question to fully get across what I needed to know. I think partially because of this the ...
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How do I ask about a crash I encountered in Android Java?

How do I properly report an Android crash? What should I include and what should I not? Should I include ALL my code? ALL the logcat? Specifically, how do I make my question cleaner, more ...
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Downvotes and comments deletion for no apparent reason [duplicate]

I posted a question here and got an initial response as if I'm trying to write malware and downvote. After politely explaining what I am trying to achieve, the respondent understood and asked me to ...
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My question seems to be too broad; should I post a new one or try to update?

I posted this question and I realise now that this is not a very good example to get help. I am trying to understand how to handle improving my question, or whether I should just post a new one. ...
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Help on how to improve my negative scored questions

I am currently post-banned (the detailed explanation can be found here: My account ban does not seem salvageable; what should I do?). Because I don't know how my negative posts can be improved, I'd ...
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Why do my questions keep getting put on hold? [duplicate]

I've asked two similar questions in the past day or so. (This was my main question: The first one I got ...
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Even though I set bounties, I received no answers; what is wrong with my questions?

I've been a member for over a month and it seems I do really need to improve my skills when it comes to asking questions. I've given bounties to 3 questions of mine so far:
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Formatting for Q/A about spreadsheet cells and cell functions

When answering questions about spreadsheets, I don't know how to format sample spreadsheet sections. These can be ranges of spreadsheet cells, typically under 10x20 cells, some of which may include ...
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Tired of being completely ignored by SO community? [duplicate]

I have been a Stack Overflow user for quite a while and I would like to mention that my life as a programmer is incomplete without it. With that said, I would really like to know why my questions ...
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Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

We've all heard and done our fair share of complaining about declining question quality. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Various ideas have been floated, but haven't gotten significant traction for various ...
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How to find the correct place to post a question? [duplicate]

I posted a question about Sass development and it didn't go so well with the community. You can see it at I've seen other ...
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How can users see past questions on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

When a new question is asked by the users, the older ones are neglected or unseen by anybody. Or the older questions will go down to the last, and the newer one at the top. Then more and more ...
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How to remove "on hold" mark after editing? [duplicate]

I asked How to retrieve outliers from ceres solver result?. It was short but, in my opinion, it was clear. However, it was put on hold as unclear. I've done some editing to clarify, added a comment ...
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What should I do if I don't know if my question is bad?

I recently had this situation where I was a bit frustrated with something and I just couldn't figure it out by searching on the webz... It wasn't an interesting question, but I asked anyway. I got ...
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Why are my questions going unanswered? [duplicate]

I am new to stackoverflow. I have now posted 3 questions in the last few days, and one I resolved myself, and the second I posted the answer to myself too, because no one did for over 24 hours and in ...
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