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Meet Team DAG! (Developer Affinity & Growth)

Not quite dang. Not quite unless you see them at play in their native habitats which few will ever travel far enough to do. Sometimes, you really should pay attention to the folks moving around behind ...
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Why was my question downvoted, and did I not get any reasons? [duplicate]

So, recently I asked a question, which immediately got downvotes. I asked why, multiple times, but no-one seemed to be bothered to answer that. I get the normal reasons for downvotes, and why ...
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Why was this question closed as "requesting an offsite resource"?

I'm asking why this question was closed. Picture of the post in case it gets re-deleted: The close reason is: This question appears to be off-topic. The users who voted to close gave this specific ...
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Question wait time bug? [duplicate]

I was told yesterday by the system I couldn't ask any more questions because I had already asked too many, and that I would have to wait one day. I have come back today, and I apparently still need to ...
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Answered original of question duplicated by OP, how to proceed?

Two days ago, I answered a question to the best of my abilities. I did not receive any response on it, but thought I should give OP some time. Today, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to ...
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Would anyone be able to help me to improve my question?

I have written what is obviously a poor question (it is attracting downvotes): ...
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What's wrong with my post?

I just posted this question and instantly got downvoted. I've been searching for solutions for 3 days and found nothing useful. I added some of the links I took a look at; it's not my first post and ...
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How is this too broad?

Here is the question: In my opinion it is extremely clear what needs to be achieved, it states clearly what ...
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Why am I getting punished for asking specialized questions? [duplicate]

So I'm getting this message: Wait! Some of your past questions have not been well-received, and you're in danger of being blocked from asking any more. I understand the quality issue. However, ...
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Why was this question downvoted?

I have asked this question and was downvoted. Can someone point out issues with this question, so that I can improve? Edit: I have read this, but want to know which reason here justifies the downvote ...
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Where to ask the simplest programming questions [duplicate]

Is there a website where I could ask some fundamental questions on computer programming? To make myself more clear, I desire to increase my proficiency in C# specifically. But when I consult books, ...
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Why was my question closed by the community after a moderator edited it?

I recently posted this question. The question was regarding the "easiest" way to get the switch port number a computer is connected to. I realize that easiest tends to be a buzzword around here for ...
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Guidance when closing programming questions on Computer Science

On Computer Science Stack Exchange, we have a close reason that reads Questions about software development or programming tools are off-topic here, but can be asked on Stack Overflow. That's not ...
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I unknowingly broke Stack Overflow etiquette and my question was downvoted because of it, how can I now get my question answered?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow. Due to my inexperience in the topic I didn't quite know how to ask the question to fully get across what I needed to know. I think partially because of this the ...
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How do I ask about a crash I encountered in Android Java?

How do I properly report an Android crash? What should I include and what should I not? Should I include ALL my code? ALL the logcat? Specifically, how do I make my question cleaner, more ...
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