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What's wrong with my post?

I just posted this question and instantly got downvoted. I've been searching for solutions for 3 days and found nothing useful. I added some of the links I took a look at; it's not my first post and ...
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How is this too broad?

Here is the question: In my opinion it is extremely clear what needs to be achieved, it states clearly what ...
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Why was this question downvoted?

I have asked this question and was downvoted. Can someone point out issues with this question, so that I can improve? Edit: I have read this, but want to know which reason here justifies the downvote ...
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Where to ask the simplest programming questions [duplicate]

Is there a website where I could ask some fundamental questions on computer programming? To make myself more clear, I desire to increase my proficiency in C# specifically. But when I consult books, ...
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Why was my question closed by the community after a moderator edited it?

I recently posted this question. The question was regarding the "easiest" way to get the switch port number a computer is connected to. I realize that easiest tends to be a buzzword around here for ...
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Guidance when closing programming questions on Computer Science

On Computer Science Stack Exchange, we have a close reason that reads Questions about software development or programming tools are off-topic here, but can be asked on Stack Overflow. That's not ...
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I unknowingly broke Stack Overflow etiquette and my question was downvoted because of it, how can I now get my question answered?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow. Due to my inexperience in the topic I didn't quite know how to ask the question to fully get across what I needed to know. I think partially because of this the ...
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How do I ask about a crash I encountered in Android Java?

How do I properly report an Android crash? What should I include and what should I not? Should I include ALL my code? ALL the logcat? Specifically, how do I make my question cleaner, more ...
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Downvotes and comments deletion for no apparent reason [duplicate]

I posted a question here and got an initial response as if I'm trying to write malware and downvote. After politely explaining what I am trying to achieve, the respondent understood and asked me to ...
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My question seems to be too broad; should I post a new one or try to update?

I posted this question and I realise now that this is not a very good example to get help. I am trying to understand how to handle improving my question, or whether I should just post a new one. ...
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Help on how to improve my negative scored questions

I am currently post-banned (the detailed explanation can be found here: My account ban does not seem salvageable; what should I do?). Because I don't know how my negative posts can be improved, I'd ...
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Why do my questions keep getting put on hold? [duplicate]

I've asked two similar questions in the past day or so. (This was my main question: The first one I got ...
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Even though I set bounties, I received no answers; what is wrong with my questions?

I've been a member for over a month and it seems I do really need to improve my skills when it comes to asking questions. I've given bounties to 3 questions of mine so far:
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Tired of being completely ignored by SO community? [duplicate]

I have been a Stack Overflow user for quite a while and I would like to mention that my life as a programmer is incomplete without it. With that said, I would really like to know why my questions ...
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How to find the correct place to post a question? [duplicate]

I posted a question about Sass development and it didn't go so well with the community. You can see it at I've seen other ...

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