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Failed audit on a (not really) link-only answer

I just failed this LQ review audit, and now I'm blocked for a week. The answer can't be seen anymore (it's since been deleted, I assume), but it was an answer with a link to a library. I did not flag ...
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Why was a spam flag declined on a question that advertises to pay to solve a coding problem?

I flagged this question (10k+ only, it was deleted yesterday) as spam yesterday, because it's an unsolicited advertisement for someone willing to pay for solving a coding problem. There is no ...
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Determining if this is spam/SEO-trick or just me being overly skeptic

I came across this post. A seemingly decent question (meh), with way too much code that made little sense. It's in a format that's usually well received by many though as it's easy to answer and gets ...
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In what situations are spam flags declined *by moderators*?

From the Privileges - flag posts article: What happens when I flag something as spam or offensive? The spam and offensive flags are designed to automatically eliminate truly offensive posts through ...
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When is spam not spam?

I hit a review audit that I thought was just about on the OK side of borderline spam. See the original audit review (Only viewable by +10k rep); original text of the deleted answer: I have a ...
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When I answer product-specific questions, I include links to better resources. A user wiped those links out, calling them "other site advertisements"

When I answer product-specific questions, I include links to better resources for those products -- especially but not limited to help sites provided by the product supplier/vendor/producer. Tonight, ...
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Is this answer spam?

I encountered this answer in my review queue. On one hand, it seems to be answering the question. On the other hand it is practically a link-only recommendation of a product, posted 4 years after the ...
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How should I have handled what looked like spam answers?

This guy seems to be regurgitating at-best-sketchy answers to simple questions answered long ago, along with links to his favorite website. After I saw three or four of them I looked at his page and ...
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What is the policy for linking to your own blog in your answers?

What is the policy for linking to your own guides, articles, blogs or tutorials in your answers? Also let's say you write an article explaining how to solve a novel problem. Then you do a search ...
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