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The same person seems to be asking the same question twice with two different accounts [duplicate]

I've encountered something suspicious when doing triage review. I came across two questions with very similar titles, very similar code, both about the same programming language and asked by two users ...
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User admitting to multiple accounts [duplicate]

There is a particularly ungrateful member asking questions and then being more than a little rude to those he has asked for help. What got my attention was this assertion he made in a comment on the ...
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Need guidance with addressing possible duplicate account issue [duplicate]

Within the last hour I was reading questions on SO, and came across a question posted by a user. While reading that question I attempted to post a comment and found that the question was deleted. ...
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Is it prohibited to have multiple Stack Exchange accounts? [duplicate]

Note that, in addition to the questions raised here I am asking if there is a regulation that prohibits this behaviour It has come to my attention that some people are using multiple Stack Exchange ...
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Suspected multiple account [duplicate]

Difference between main storage and secondary storage and stable storage? Ok, this is the question. Question asker's username is suresh. I answered on the question Apr 6 at 13:56. and user Damirchi ...
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1 person, 2 accounts [duplicate]

I answered this Output the highest average using functions question, but the OP seems to know very little about the programming language he uses. He asked me for more traditional/old/legacy solutions ...
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Suspected Duplicate Account - what should I do? [duplicate]

I just found two very similar accounts and I think they propably belong to the same user. Take a look on this question: ANTLR4: Error message with complete offending source code line. The user ...
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Are duplicate accounts a problem? [duplicate]

These 2 question were posted today from different accounts. The first just now and the second a couple of hours ago: Telling “other” Tasks to pause in C# Firing off multiple Tasks asynchronously and ...
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What should I do when I suspect account-duping and weird upvoting patterns? [duplicate]

I found this odd, and felt I had to ask. User Foo asks a question, another user also named Foo answers the question within two minutes. Recieves upvote and accepted answer. The two users with the ...
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Is it appropriate to mention an answer was sponsored by or found while working for a company?

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow, to which there are currently no answers. It related to some work I was doing for a client. Since then, I've discovered the answer to the question. ...
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What should I do if I suspect voting with multiple accounts?

I recently stumbled upon a question which I thought to be legitimate, but it had a score of -6 with only 6 views and no comments. Inspecting OP's reputation changes shows 6 downvotes within 40 seconds ...
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Are robots frowned upon?

It's my understanding that there are certain users on Stack Overflow who are not humans but are actually robots. So I was wondering, does the community accept robots? For example, if a moderator was ...
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Does reviewing count as "positive contributions"? [duplicate]

I am stuck with a question ban which makes it really hard for me to use the site. I don't quite understand what I did wrong in my questions and the help page that gets linked isn't helpful at all imho....
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Someone signed up with my email, there's no "not me" link

I face this problem on many different sites. People register on various services with my email address. Often, those welcome emails provide no way to stop getting email without a lengthy process of ...
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Is it okay to create two user profiles, one to answer the other's questions? [duplicate]

This is rather a strange situation. I recently came across this question, in which a question was asked by one user, and answered 9 minutes later by another user whom the evidence suggests is another ...
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