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Are comments saying a question isn't good enough to be answered constructive [duplicate]

I'm going to re-word this from my last post . If I ask a question, and people say things along the lines of "are you kidding me? Of course it isn't ..." Or "It would be stupid if ..." And "Well if you ...
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"I'm not sure I understand your question" and other memes [duplicate]

SO is most valuable and I applaud it even though there are 2 response memes that burn my grits... I don't know what can be done about them other than to raise awareness, but I'd sure like to see ...
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How to request help without people suggesting redesigning or using different tools [duplicate]

Not complaining, just asking, is there an etiquette or terminology that can be employed when requesting assistance, say with a code problem, where you don't want people to suggest redoing your company'...
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Provide constructive answer rather than "attacking" the question [duplicate]

Sometimes questions are ill-posed (e.g. no minimal reproducible example or few specifications), but they might still be easy enough to be answered with little effort. As an example, consider this ...
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Flag a comment as misleading [duplicate]

Recently a comment was made by a user on my question. I really appreciate the comenter trying to help. But the commenter misunderstood my question and I even received an answer based on this comment. ...
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Are comments productive to ask why the OP is opting for a particular way? [duplicate]

Is it productive for developers to ask why someone would do something in a particular way rather than answer a question as asked? Wouldn't it be less condescending to save such comments for after ...
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Do I need to stop asking questions here? [duplicate]

I've recently deleted two of my questions1, 2 because of upvoted irrelevant comments on my questions. For question one, I've received this feedback: [+3] The problem is that you are using the same ...
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Should comments asking rhetorical questions criticizing why you would want to do something be flagged as nonconstructive? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question that got tons of answers as well as comments. Among the comments were a few asking why I would want to do what I was trying to do, and saying/implying it was dumb for me ...
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What's our policy on people who, instead of answering, question a user's reasoning for asking?

I see this all the time, where a user will ask a question, but many of the comments and answers are actively trying to question the user's methodology. It's a bit hard to explain, so I'll try again: ...
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What should I do if my question invoked negative or off-topic comments? [duplicate]

Should I delete that question and post again with fixes to prevent such comments? I think these comments are not helping at all, instead are just messing, but at the same time I feel guilty that the ...
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What to do in case a user is spreading negativity, instead of answering the question [closed]

Few users, who lack the foresightedness or the one who doesn't understand the question start talking nonsense. Just wanted to know, if some one is discouraging or preventing your question from being ...
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Answering = super heroic stuff? [duplicate]

If a person posts a question which is little vague, an ideal response would be asking to provide additional information or should be downvoted. But instead of that, people these days are posting ...
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Understanding pattern of responders bypassing the actual question [duplicate]

I can't tell you how many Q/As I've seen of the form: Q: When I do this, I get this result. Why? A: Don't do this, do that. or the related comment: C: What problem are you trying to solve? I can ...
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Why do some higher reputation users feel the need to bully other users? [duplicate]

I have been a member of Stack Overflow for the past four years. I have made it through a lot of bullying from higher reputation users during this period. For the sake of discussion, consider this ...
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How can I word a question so I can get a straight forward answer?

Many times on StackOverflow I have asked a direct question but get comments or answers that avoid the actual question and focus too much on picking out other faults with my code that are totally ...
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