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Dealing with patronizing answers (which assume you're asking the wrong question) [duplicate]

Sometimes I ask questions about fairly obscure topics (details of compiler, proprocessor behavior..., ways of using lesser known language features). (C/Python mostly though I'm not sure it matters). ...
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What's our policy on people who, instead of answering, question a user's reasoning for asking?

I see this all the time, where a user will ask a question, but many of the comments and answers are actively trying to question the user's methodology. It's a bit hard to explain, so I'll try again: ...
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Understanding pattern of responders bypassing the actual question [duplicate]

I can't tell you how many Q/As I've seen of the form: Q: When I do this, I get this result. Why? A: Don't do this, do that. or the related comment: C: What problem are you trying to solve? I can ...
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How can I word a question so I can get a straight forward answer?

Many times on StackOverflow I have asked a direct question but get comments or answers that avoid the actual question and focus too much on picking out other faults with my code that are totally ...
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Should comments asking rhetorical questions criticizing why you would want to do something be flagged as nonconstructive? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question that got tons of answers as well as comments. Among the comments were a few asking why I would want to do what I was trying to do, and saying/implying it was dumb for me ...
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What to do in case a user is spreading negativity, instead of answering the question [closed]

Few users, who lack the foresightedness or the one who doesn't understand the question start talking nonsense. Just wanted to know, if some one is discouraging or preventing your question from being ...
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