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Is it good to rush to close questions? [duplicate]

This question is put on hold almost as soon as it has been asked. A member asked the OP to share his code. The OP promised to do so. So is it good to hurry to close a question or not?
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Why are people so fast hitting the downvote or close button on certain questions? [duplicate]

In some cases for me it seems like downvotes and the closure of a question (the latter is the more harsh thing to happen) come just too fast for certain types of questions where a little understanding ...
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Is it unethical of me to give an answer to a poorly asked question for the easy reputation? [duplicate]

I'll often see some poorly phrased questions that either supply no code or are unclear, but I'll still give them a viable answer and receive the 25+ reputations points. Is this unethical? Should I ...
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Is it okay to ask a question "draft" and then afterwards edit it? [duplicate]

Is it okay to ask a question which is just the plain question itself, which might even contain some bad typo or grammar and then immediately start to edit it to make it "beatiful"? I often think ...
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Review ban although no audit fail [duplicate]

In the last week I've done a lot of reviews. I have passed many audits and haven't failed single one. I just wanted to come back to reviewing and it occurred I got banned for a week. I guess it's a ...
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How to work on more complex question where multiple iteration may necessary to clean it up [duplicate]

Background: Asking the right question on the right place on SO is not an easy task. On a recently deleted question I tried to find a solution that would help all parties (questioner, viewer, operator) ...
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Should be a way to flag "tricky" review audits [duplicate]

I just failed one of the "questionable audits." I selected "leave open", because it was one where if the user came back and gave more info about what they were having trouble with it would have been ...
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Why not implement a delay to putting a topic on hold so the poster can have time to edit their question? [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to Stack Overflow and I like the community so far. I'm all on board for having the [hold] and [closed] features when posts are off-topic and/or vague. But, I don't like how fast you can ...
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Questions that require a lot of discussion with the author [duplicate]

I have a nagging feeling this may be a duplicate. My apologies if so. I could not turn up another Meta question that discusses this issue. If you know of one, I'll be happy to accept a duplicate ...
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Why isn't there "vote to improve" option for questions? [duplicate]

We usually vote to close questions which are "too broad" or just ask the SO to improve it after putting it on hold but why no "Vote to improve button" which says "5 users say you must improve your ...
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Another homework question problem [duplicate]

It comes from this question When I look at it, I want to flag it as the user has asked for a solution to a problem because he doesn't have the time to do ...
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Can moderators stop closing questions? [duplicate]

I was 4 minutes away from answering TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'map' and 'int', and someone closed it. Now the OP doesn't get an answer. I accept that you feel the ...
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Why close this question that just needs clarification? [duplicate]

I'm looking at a question: What will be the pattern for UTF-8 in Json Schema? It seems on-topic for the site, appears similar to other questions I've answered on the subject matter (both in Unicode, ...
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Should we guess an answer, with an educational purpose to help novice programmers? [duplicate]

During the process of making the questioner of this question, nested-div-styling-offset, aware of that the code didn't reproduce the problem, an answer was posted, which I found more of a guess. ...
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Course of action after multiple fruitless comments [duplicate]

I've requested concrete details (with a guide to obtain them) but the new SO user repeatedly responds with everything except what was asked of them. It's starting to feel like a waste of time having ...
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