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"Why shouldn't I answer off-topic questions?" FAQ [duplicate]

Does anyone think it would be useful to have a FAQ on the subject of "Why shouldn't I answer off-topic questions?" Anyone willing to write one? I'm thinking I would post a link to it whenever I saw ...
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A question got deleted which deleted my answer, and I lost reputation [duplicate]

Yesterday I answered a question, got an acceptance check-mark, 4 upvotes, and a total of 55 reputation points. I woke up this morning, and the question got deleted which also deleted my answer, and I ...
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How wrong is it to answer "bad" questions? [duplicate]

[This question is a spinoff of this post, but doesn't really have anything to do with it..] At a well-intentioned answer to a now-deleted post, someone commented: please don't spend your time ...
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How to answer a question: detailed or brief then edit? And if question is closed as duplicate? [duplicate]

Ok So so the scenario is I see a question and start typing out my answer, and want to answer it well. At some point, several minutes into this I get a notification that the question has been closed ...
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Should I participate in answering questions? [duplicate]

I'm still an undergraduate student, but I have some experience in a few programming languages. I know that I can answer a lot of the easy questions from other new guys and gals, but should I? Being ...
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Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow

I'm seeing a rapid trend towards worse and worse question quality. It gets to the point where I'm asking myself "Why did I even help this guy? He neither has the will nor the capacity to understand ...
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Under what circumstances may I add "urgent" or other similar phrases to my question, in order to obtain faster answers?

We often have people desiring speedy answers to a question, and they will add phrases intended to elicit solutions quickly. For example: This is urgent for me Please reply ASAP! I am under a tight ...
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Do we need a close reason for zero-effort questions?

This has been discussed, although I am not sure there is a consensus. But since the introduction of the new close reason, it seems like the closing system is a bit unbalanced, because a generic reason ...
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What should we do about users who are proud to be help vampires?

And happily, knowingly ignore site rules, because they get their answers. Example: (Click for larger image)
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People who answer questions that are CLEARLY off-topic

Take a look at this question: It is clearly off-topic, yet there will always be people who will answer it and not flag it. What should we do about these people: Leave a comment on the answer to tell ...
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Is it better to be detailed and if so then should I be rewarded for that?

In How to read Assembly output generated by Visual C++ 2010? I took the time to create a more detailed response but because I took extra time I got no votes. I really believe I provided a detailed ...
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Asking for frameworks not ok, but answering with them is?

After posting a question on a Delphi problem I ran into. it was voted closed because of the way I phrased my questions: QUOTE: What would be my approach te realizing this? Are there any tools / ...
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Is it acceptable to answer a relatively simple programming question (for less experienced)?

Let's say a relatively inexperienced user asks a question like I have problem XYZ (linking to documentaion about algorithm/ specification) and would like to know how to create this in code ? Said ...
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