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Can I get out of a question ban by editing my previous questions into completely new ones? [duplicate]

I've been banned from asking new questions. I wanted to clean up the mess I've created and think I really understand now how to make a good question. By editing the questions I've already asked into ...
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A user edited the question into an ENTIRELY new one several times. What should happen? [duplicate]

I was looking at what seemed like a typical low quality noob question, when I noticed some strange comments on it. Like this one: Your question title asks for how to replace pixels but your ...
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Backup questions for use when banned [duplicate]

Let's say there was someone named Joe. He's about to be banned from asking questions, so he makes a plan to circumvent the system when it happens. First, he asks a bunch of questions filled with ...
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Old question, completely revised [duplicate]

What to do with this old question, originally about Java and IMO close-worthy because of lack of a proper question (although it got some answers), then completely revised by the OP. Suddenly it's no ...
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Completely Rewrite a Bad Question or Create a New One [duplicate]

If I create a question that is so terrible in every possible way, should I be completely rewriting it into a new, better question that makes more sense with my new knowledge and ideas on how to ...
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Is it okay to rewrite a poorly written question of mine? [duplicate]

I asked this question. The question was horrible, and I deserved the downvotes and closing of the question. I believe that I can rewrite the question to be "Would there be any practical benefit from ...
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What to do when a new user continuously edits their question? [duplicate]

This user is continously updating this question with each evolution of their code, making answers obsoletes and making it hard for other users to understand what is happening. Should we do something ...
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Can I edit a question so that it basically becomes a different one? [duplicate]

A question I asked received a downvote, and got closed, because it is out of scope (not related to coding), and I got a ban on asking questions as a result. Stack Overflow suggests that I edit the ...
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How to deal with a question that has been completely changed [duplicate]

I spotted this question where the user, rather than ask a new question, decided to rewrite an old one. Should this edit be rolled back and the user informed or just left alone? The original question ...
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How to handle edited question that is another question [duplicate]

I saw a question that was edited by OP, and whole of question was changed. I add below comment for OP, But am I in a right way? As I can see you changed your question to a new question, So please ...
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Can self-censoring end up with a question ban?

We are told The exact formula for the bans is not disclosed, but users are only banned if they have a significant number of ... deleted posts. I'm only starting here, and I know I'll (hopefully) ...
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How do I "improve" a terrible post to lift my ban?

I just received a post ban and the FAQ said I need to improve my current 0 vote posts. What if they can't be improved and simply need to be deleted? For example: I have this post from over two years ...
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If I attempt to un-delete a question under a question ban, would it still be considered asking a new question?

After using Stack Overflow for a while, I have a much better understanding of how things work. But while learning about the site, I made some very dumb mistakes. Whenever a question I asked got down-...
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Reworking the question ban

(Blog Post) - "Stack Overflow Isn't Very Welcoming. It's Time for That to Change." Post bans are arguably the least-welcoming mechanics of Stack Overflow. They work in theory but not in practice. ...
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What to do when a new user delete content their question after It has been answered correctly? [duplicate]

This user deletes the content of the question after It has been answered correctly, then, I flagged "need of moderator intervention" I requested to ban the user
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