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Is there any automation to detect/stop shill behaviour?

I haven't been very active on Stack Overflow lately, because I've been travelling, but now after one night back there I've already been bugged by an issue which really grated my nerves the last ...
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Does SO prevent upvotes bot? [duplicate]

I was wondering if Stack Overflow has some sort of script or check to prevent a user incrementing their own reputation using another account. For example using an upvote-bot that automatically upvotes ...
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Is there a feature on Stack Overflow that detects the same person having multiple accounts? [duplicate]

Does Stack Overflow have a feature in place that monitors two people having the same account on the basis of name and more interestingly questions of one answered by another and vice versa? It ...
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Is vote-buying a thing? [duplicate]

Increasingly, I've seen very half-baked, mostly offtopic questions getting "large" amounts of upvotes fairly quickly (within minutes of posting). Example that prompted this (it's since been deleted ...
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Voting rings - how to handle organized groups upvoting each other?

I'm referencing what these three users are doing: See their profiles, they're answering each ...
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Strange reputation change for a user

I hope this is the right place to notify this user who has a strange reputation change by gaining 200 reputation in about 5 minutes with an upvote on 20 different answers. I know that there is a ...
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How can I ask a moderator to investigate a potential puppet account?

Yesterday one of the people was pretty disappointed with me not upvoting his answer, made some downvotes and after that serial downvoting appeared from a random account (not from his account). The ...
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"serial vote reverse" option has not reversed all the malicious actions

I experienced some sudden drop of my reputation. Someone has down voted lot of questions asked by myself (I can guess the person. It was for taking revenge). But Stack overflow serial down voting ...
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Can the system detect and handle multi-votes from accounts that are friends?

What happened is that one of my co-worker posted an answer, after that someone else posted an answer too in the same question, downvoted co-worker's answer, and commented -1 [...]; I will save stuff ...
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Mediocre answer immediately upvoted [duplicate]

This has happened to me the second time in a week, so I thought I'd reach out to see your experience. Basically, I ask a question that receives and answer in a few hours, and within minutes, the ...