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Remove undeserved badges [duplicate]

By way of background, some time ago I came across this question. Before OP edited it, the question was just "There is some issues" and a code dump. I voted it down and left a comment. A little later I ...
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User with three "User was removed" corrections [duplicate]

I have come across a user who earned the Mortarboard badge the first day he gained reputation. On the same day, I noticed there was a voting-abuse correction with "User was removed" and initially I ...
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Serial voting was reversed, but wrongly earned badges remain? [duplicate]

Recently I have been serially up-voted, which caused by reputation to reach the daily limit of 200, by which in turn I achieved the Mortarboard badge, erroneously. As you can see in the above image, ...
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auto vote-fraud reversal does not negate epic / legendary count [duplicate]

A few days ago I got a lot of rep at once, despite not providing any new content that day. I assumed (and rightly so) vote-fraud and the points got removed the next day. So far - so fine. But then I ...
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What's the point of the suffrage and vox populi badges?

What's the point of the suffrage and vox populi badges? I agree that it is good to incentivize engagement, but aren't these badges likely to lead people to run through votes rapidly just to get the ...
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"voting corrected" does not reverse site association bonus: it's not OK

Background: I recently got the site association bonus, which is a nice reward for my contributions on SO so far, and "top 0.89% this week" note appeared in my profile. I clicked there, and was ...
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What is the impact of deleted answers on tag badge progression?

I know that deleting a downvoted answer gives back the reputation lost, but I wonder if the votes still impact the progression of tag badges. E.g. gold badge, has the following description: Gold ...
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Mortarboard badge is awarded due to bounty award?

I was looking through my badges, and was surprised to find that I have the mortarboard badge. It was awarded to me on August 11, 2013. My only reputation gain on that day was a bounty award of 200 ...
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Value of a "moderator eligible" badge

Recent election announcement reports moderator criteria for Stack Overflow includes: For the Stack Overflow election, candidates must have all the following badges: Civic Duty, Strunk & White, ...
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Are there any users with over 50,000 rep, who were caught using sock-puppets?

Are there any high rated Stack Overflow users who were ever caught with a sock-puppet or two? If yes, what kinds of actions were taken against such high reputed users?
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Will Mortarboard badge get taken back? [duplicate]

For example, I get 200 reputation some day and earn this badge. But next day the OP withdraw the accepted answer. Will this badge get taken back?
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