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What am I doing wrong when I ask questions?

What am I doing wrong when I ask questions? This is an example of a deleted question where a user said I didn't have enough code so I added it. Scrap data from apt output I want grap data from apt ...
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Triage - no minimal example given

When triaging questions, which category should be chosen for users that have made no attempt to distill their question down to a minimal, reproducible example? For example, in this post , the OP has ...
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Which flag should I use for too much code? [duplicate]

I just got the privilege to edit or review questions and answers. Now I'm faced with the question: what flag is the right one, when the question includes too much code? Surely Needs author edit, but ...
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Should we close old questions that have no answers, limited views and OP has already indicated they have moved on

Regarding: Customize toolbar styles for UWP This question is very old and has attracted limited views, limited comments and no answers. I write both UWP and Xamrin apps and haven't come across this ...
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Why did I get a review ban for this homework help question triage?

So I received my second review ban in a short period of time and first of all I want to make clear that I am not trying to whine about this but am rather asking here to genuinely learn where I went ...
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Closed post seconds after posting?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How do I prevent partial text from appearing at the bottom of a button added at runtime? I posted this question and it was closed literally seconds ...
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Using Stack Overflow to teach students to debug programs

I am teaching a class on program debugging in Python and Java to students who range from beginner to intermediate developers. The goal of the class is basically to teach students to take someone else'...
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Can we please get the "How to create an MCVE" help page updated, to state that a link to a GitHub project is generally NOT an acceptable MCVE?

I'm seeing more and more questions where the asker posts an excerpt of code, that by itself is not runnable, with a link to a GitHub repo and... that's it. (In some of the more egregious examples, ...
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How should I flag an image-only question? [duplicate]

While reviewing my triage queue I'm getting lots of questions where code is posted as an image and not as text. My question is: how do I flag those questions? To me the most appropriate way is ...
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Need "Missing source code" or similar option when marking question as unsalvageable in triage [duplicate]

In my review queue, I came across a question that was well written - user described the observed, vs desired behavior - except that the author had failed to include one of the source files/snippets ...
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What is best way to demonstrate a problem with a question?

I frequently experienced a scenario where a question contains code which doesn't elicit the errors claimed by the asker. People are going back and forth in the comments and the OP insists that the ...
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How to flag question without a Minimal, Complete and Verifiable Example? [duplicate]

Sometimes I found a question were the user hasn't search any information about how to solve his problem, or he is asking how to do something when he didn't show anything, even just a line of code, ...
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Triage guidance for Requires Editing: "Pull code in from hosting site linked in question", how it is handled in H&I?

Triage guidance suggests this as a reason to pick Requires Editing: Pull code in from hosting site linked in question... Above guidance is easily available for Triage reviewers because it is ...
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Can we support users who do not understand how to debug their code?

Honestly I think this situation broke me since it's so paradoxical. In light of recent events, I'd like to keep the tone neutral and apply this in general since I don't think we've actively thought ...
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What's wrong with this question about debugging? [duplicate] I don't actually see the problem here. Why does this have 4 down votes? I googled the ...
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