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Do we close questions that are only useful for the asker?

There are many questions from novice developers that are asking obvious things. Often they are also asking them badly. The questions like this quickly gather a lot of downvotes and end up in the close ...
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What to do when OP won't provide additional code but instead provides a link and login credentials

Recently I came across a question where the OP has clearly stated the problem and expected behaviour for the solution. However the code snippet does not capture the problem. Myself and 2 other users ...
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Questions .. must describe the specific problem and include valid code to reproduce it

I would like to see one of the reasons for closing questions changed. Specifically as mentioned in a comment to the War of the closes (which I'll repeat here). I disagree with the wording of one ...
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Is the new close reason being abused? [closed]

Since the new close reason was added, I've seen quite a few places where it was used on a question that was just asking for code. Here's a few (bad) examples, although I've seen places where the close ...
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Reward close vote reviewers: Show them the TOP-voted questions for the day

I recently decided to start chipping in to help with the close review queue. To my unpleasant surprise, I find that instead of making me feel more connected and positive about SO, going through my ...
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How to cope with "Help, I've been Hacked!" questions

These questions are obviously off-topic, but that doesn't mean they do not get posted at a steady rate. It would be helpful if there was a canonical reference (such as, oh, I suppose, this question? ...
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What should I do with a question that is too simple?

I came across this question, which I answered with a comment directing the user to an online tutorial. It is a perfectly reasonable question for a brand new Python programmer to have, but it doesn't ...
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Why did I get a review ban for this homework help question triage?

So I received my second review ban in a short period of time and first of all I want to make clear that I am not trying to whine about this but am rather asking here to genuinely learn where I went ...
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Triage - no minimal example given

When triaging questions, which category should be chosen for users that have made no attempt to distill their question down to a minimal, reproducible example? For example, in this post , the OP has ...
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How should I flag questions trying to get around the "This post is mostly code" filter?

I was scrolling through one of my tabs when I came across this question. Obviously, this is completely against site policy and is blatantly trying to get around the "post is mostly code" quality ...
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What am I doing wrong when I ask questions?

What am I doing wrong when I ask questions? This is an example of a deleted question where a user said I didn't have enough code so I added it. Scrap data from apt output I want grap data from apt ...
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Which close vote to cast on a poor question to have the close reason better help the OP with further steps?

We all see a lot of poor questions - we don't answer them because they are poor, show no effort etc.. we want the OP to improve the question - sometimes show the current code and attempts before ...
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Should we close old questions that have no answers, limited views and OP has already indicated they have moved on

Regarding: Customize toolbar styles for UWP This question is very old and has attracted limited views, limited comments and no answers. I write both UWP and Xamrin apps and haven't come across this ...
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What is best way to demonstrate a problem with a question?

I frequently experienced a scenario where a question contains code which doesn't elicit the errors claimed by the asker. People are going back and forth in the comments and the OP insists that the ...
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How strict should we be when enforcing the "no external sites" or the "no code, don't paste JSfiddle link" rule?

After being in SO for awhile, it occurred to me that despite pre-existing recommendations/rules, users (mostly new to the site, but there are also repeat offenders) tend to post overly-long code ...
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