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Question that can be solved using basic debugging [duplicate]

More often than never (that would be around several times a day, and about half the questions asked under the android tag), questions can be answered using basic debugging. Reading the stacktrace, ...
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OP doesn't know how to debug [duplicate]

There are a myriad of questions saying "My code doesn't work" without any mention as to the the error they are getting in their debuggers/consoles etc.. I suspect that in most cases, the OP doesn't ...
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Is it fair game to vote to close "code doesn't work" type questions? [duplicate]

As of late, it seems that SO is flooded with "my code doesn't work! [giant code dump] what is wrong? Please help!" type of questions (which are not the same as "do my work" type of questions, IMO). ...
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Is implicit evidence of code justification for Leave Open? [duplicate]

Some random question in my review queue. It strikes me that the author says: In my code... which implies there is effort, it simply hasn't been shown. In this instance am I right to vote to ...
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Why has no one even commented, asked me to clarify or attempted to answer this? [duplicate]

I asked a question a month ago and no one has taken a stab at it. Did I do something wrong? Is it not ...
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Should we close a question that can't be answered? [duplicate]

Today I saw a question that could not be answered. I basically boils down to: In Foo<something> function_name(Foo<something_else> parameter_name) I am unable to identify Foo. It is ...
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What's wrong with this question about debugging? [duplicate] I don't actually see the problem here. Why does this have 4 down votes? I googled the ...
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What is the right way to help someone without wasting hours of your time trying to get all the necessary info from the OP? [duplicate]

There are a lot of questions of this type: SomeFunction(foo, out boo) { someNotDeclaredVariable = foo; boo = NotDeclaredFunction(foo); for each (var something in someCollection) { ...
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Which flag should I use for too much code? [duplicate]

I just got the privilege to edit or review questions and answers. Now I'm faced with the question: what flag is the right one, when the question includes too much code? Surely Needs author edit, but ...
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What should I do with this user's debugging questions? [duplicate]

In the tag I'm active on I've seen an user post 10 questions the last 4 days and 8 of these questions are all the same format "I have this problem, here's my code: *code dump*. Basically using ...
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Flag Meaning: Off Topic -> Seeking Debugging Help [duplicate]

I recently did a review and flagged a post with the Off Topic / Seeking Debugging Help reason that was disputed. From the description of the flag: Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this ...
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How should I flag an image-only question? [duplicate]

While reviewing my triage queue I'm getting lots of questions where code is posted as an image and not as text. My question is: how do I flag those questions? To me the most appropriate way is ...
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Propose new reasons to close questions with insufficient information [duplicate]

I suggest adding more specific reasons than the current too broad when closing questions to help new users better understand why their questions are getting closed. Similar to the Off-topic sub-...
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Why isn't linking to a repository accepted? [duplicate]

Why is it not a standard in the Community to link to entire code repository when you ask a question, (not just have a question and the link, but have the link to reference the work your asking about) ...
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How can I learn the specific reason someone else's question is put "on hold"? [duplicate]

I see that Project Euler 11 Wrong Answer has been put on hold by a single person, a moderator. The conditions for doing so - as stated below the question - aren't really evident to me: the code to ...
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