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How should you respond to a "Yes or No" question? [duplicate]

What is the recommended way to respond to questions that have a clear Yes or No answer? Example: "Does int[] pass by reference?" or "Is it possible to abcdef?" Often there is a flurry of (...
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Is "is this an example of..." an example of a bad question? [duplicate]

If a question provides some code and asks "is this an example of X" (for some X), is such a question off topic? Such questions seem worthless to anyone except the OP, and similar questions could be ...
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How is a yes/no question, asking whether it's possible to add a button to a form, "too broad"? [duplicate]

I asked a question the other day, a very basic n00b question, and ultimately it's a binary, yes/no, question. Yet now I have 5 downvotes and it's marked to get closed for being "too broad". How is a ...
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Asking "Yes" or "No" questions so that I don't use a certain technology [duplicate]

I'll be learning how to use Xamarin from scratch for a mobile device app that runs on iPhone and Android phones. I'm a C# developer, but I know there's a steep learning curve. I'll be using Xamarin....
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Weird review audit [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this answer as an audit today: How is simply "No.", even if correct, a high quality answer, without elaborating on it? Yes I have read the comments on the answer, and I see a point ...
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Was I wrong to vote to close this question on the basis that it seemed to be asking for recommendations?

I voted to close this question, where the opening line starts: Is there a C# PDF manipulation library that will allow me to reference all annotations and what not, insert text and other components, ...
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Is asking whether there is a specific built-in method a valid SO question?

The question concerns a specific type of posts of which this one is the latest example I stumbled upon: Ruby like ranges in JavaScript? I've seen a couple of posts like this one, the ones that ask ...
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What more detail is needed for this yes/no question?

This question was closed as needing more information: Does C# have an identity function somewhere? I just need to know if such a function exists. I don't know why the details of why I need it are ...
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Question that is extraordinarily clear has been marked as needing details or clarity

The following is a link to the question I think should be reopened, or closed for a more applicable reason. The comments I received started with a ...
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How can I formulate an acceptable question?

I have formulated several different versions of the question, each one simpler and simpler, but all of them got rejected. Can someone help me formulate a question that the moderators will accept? I ...
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What to do with this specific yes/no question about red/black trees?

Someone just posted this question: Edit - question was removed. Original content follows: Red black tree property check A height-balanced BST is a ...
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Does it depend on the answer whether a question is off-topic?

I've always been reluctant to ask questions where the answer might be just "no", or "this is not possible". For good reasons. Such questions seem to be received poorly. Also, answers that basically ...
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How would someone formulate this question to prevent downvotes?

I was browsing SO, and found the following question (not mine) Can we return a String in a PHP function Now this question immediately got downvotes. It is not my question, but if i would face the ...
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C tag right-out hostile [closed]

I don't frequently post to the c tag but when I do I'm trying to learn and I make sure that I don't open duplicates. While I do get a lot of views (more than I'm used to in my usual tags at least) I ...
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Including example in a different language for better illustration

Consider that an op asks if a specific feature is available in language A which they are new to. also mentions he is aware that such is a feature is available in B which they are used to. tags the ...
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