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Why do we need 50 reputation to make comments?

You need to have 50 reputation to make a comment on an answer but you can post an answer to a question with far fewer reputation. I was curious what the mindset was behind this decision? I know I'd ...
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Why is it easier to write answers than comments without enough reputation? [duplicate]

As someone who isn't confident enough to provide answers, I often find myself wanting to post a comment. Why is posting answers easier than posting comments? I've been struggling to get enough ...
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Unable to comment as a new member - what about unclear questions? [duplicate]

I'm a pretty new member here, for answering at least. I'm trying to help people out as much as I can, but I seem to run into the issue that my only way of communicating with the OP is through a real '...
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Is it OK to use an "answer" to comment if you lack the reputation to comment? [duplicate]

The Low Quality Posts queue has as one of the reasons to delete an "answer" is that it should instead have been posted as a comment. Commenting is a privilege. I've been happily voting to delete ...
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How do you ask a question in comments when you don't have enough reputation to do so? [duplicate]

Here has been my recent experience: I was attempting to improve the community of stack exchange as its the first resource I usually hit when searching for a programming problem. Usually the questions ...
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Can sending a message to someone ask a question, but the question is on hold? [duplicate]

Some days ago I read a question with a smartphone, I thought it was an interesting question and thought about it. When I had the chance to use a PC for testing, I noticed the question was on hold. In ...
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Feature request on commenting vs editing with a reputation value under 50 [duplicate]

My questions are these: If I am unable to post a comment until I have achieved a reputation value of 50, how do I ask a question regarding an answer to a topic that I feel would be useful to others? ...
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Wide range of opinions [duplicate]

There is a question, "Using C/Pthreads: do shared variables need to be volatile?", with a broad range of answers that are conflicting, mutually exclusive or just plain wrong. I have a comment to make ...
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How are users who do not have 50 rep, supposed to answer a question which requires additional information? [duplicate]

They can't comment to ask additional info. And they're not allowed to "answer" the question to ask for additional information.
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post a comment vs. low reputation [duplicate]

Why do we need some reputation to post a comment? It's very hard to ask for any additional information of someone who posted an answer; and if you put your question in another answer, other users ...
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Commenting Under 50 Reputation [duplicate]

I'm a new user, and I have less than 50 Reputation. I want to comment on a question, but I can't, because I don't have 50+ reputation. What should I do? Should I post it as an answer?
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How do I ask clarifying questions without 50 reputation? [duplicate]

I'm curious what standard procedure is for getting clarification for a question asked when I don't have 50 reputation (enough to comment). The question I'd like to clarify is here; I'd like to see the ...
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How to ask a person for a clarification about their question? [duplicate]

I wanted to answer a question, but I need some clarification about the problem. @undo has deleted my answer even after the user has replied it. Do somebody has an idea about it?
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What to do when looking for clarification on already posted solution? [duplicate]

I was looking for a solution and found the following: Joomla! 3 : list articles from multiple categories In my case this isn't doing what it is supposed to and I want to ask the user providing the ...
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Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow

I'm seeing a rapid trend towards worse and worse question quality. It gets to the point where I'm asking myself "Why did I even help this guy? He neither has the will nor the capacity to understand ...
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