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Is it appropriate to reopen a "closed for not enough detail" question if a solution was found anyway? [duplicate]

I posted a question—size_t == sizeof (uint64_t) not returning expected results—which was closed for "This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers." I don't ...
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Why was my question put on hold as "too broad"? [duplicate]

Look at my question. Can anyone explain to me, why was it put on hold? Why is it too broad? I've asked this question in the comments, but none of the people who put it on hold answered. Why is a ...
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Clarification regarding "We prefer questions that can be answered, not just discussed" [duplicate]

This seems like a very difficult-to-define requirement. I understand that Stack Overflow is a place for asking technical questions, not a forum for discussing opinions or ideas. And I have ...
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Why was this specific question placed on hold by a moderator [duplicate]

When asking my question a moderator decided to place it on hold as unclear. However, another user has given an answer as a comment. Why was it necessary to place this question on hold, especially ...
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Review audit failed for system verification POST [duplicate]

I have following fishing POST from system for Validation (I am checking question carefully before vote): How to build a web app on tomcat? [closed] I have suggested "Leave Open". and system through ...
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Why was this question put on hold, and how would I disagree? [duplicate]

This question may not be for everyone, but it received two answers which should have helped the OP. But then, six hours later, it was put on hold. I just don't see what this accomplishes -- it seems ...
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Question closed as "not focused" when it clearly has a unique interpretation parallel to sorting

This question: Sort the tuples from the cartesian product of an input 2-d array received several downvotes, and was then closed with the explanation with the reason: "This question needs to be ...
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Is my question really too broad? I don't believe it is [duplicate]

I've asked a question on Stack Overflow about How a relation works in SQL vs NOSQL Mongodb? Currently the question I asked was put on hold for: There are either too many possible answers, or good ...
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Question was put on-hold and now I have the answer code to post [duplicate]

I had a tough question that was put on hold, but I added clarifications and sample code to improve. I have sinced worked out a complete solution and would like to post the answering code since other ...
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Why is my post OnHold with as reason Your Question is Not Clear? [duplicate]

I have a post and somebody responded with a good solution for me, but the funny thing is, site admins put my post OnHold and said Your post is not clear If my post is not clear so how can someone ...
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Question put on hold despite soliciting discussions and useful answers [duplicate]

I have run into this a couple of times. Most recently here. I asked a question which, despite the comments, did not simply ask for a recommendation. I asked a broad question and said, how do I begin ...
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So we are trying to allow less obviously offensive content, but calling closing a Question Nazi-like behaviour doesn't count?

I came across this answer while browsing meta SO, and thought that although it doesn't offend me personally, its one of the most offensive things to human decency I have found so far on this site. So ...
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Is there a specific rule that says that comparing languages is off-topic? [duplicate]

Is there a specific rule that says that comparing languages is off-topic? These days, questions comparing languages are getting closed, but a few years ago, that wasn't the case. For example, my ...
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Excel questions with accepted answers should not have been deleted

My query is based on this deleted question (screenshot). a) As per Why and how are some questions deleted?, Questions that are extremely off topic, or of very low quality, may be removed at the ...
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If answers are already provided, UNCLEAR reason for Hold/Close be prompted to read answers [duplicate]

I have a suggestion. In reference to this question. Not linking on purpose to avoid voting. How to sum up a row using Excel VBA OR using an Excel formula, if the number of cells in that row ...
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