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Search through favorite questions, is it possible? [duplicate]

I see many questions on meta about how to group favorites; most of the answers on those questions are: Use your browser's bookmark This can accomplish the main goal: store the link to the specific ...
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Is it possible to add Search in User Profile favorites [duplicate]

I probably must be wrong here but the way I use favorites in many application is like a bookmark. The idea is like a "save it for later" kind of thing. So I have bookmark a lot of questions in the ...
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Search in the favourites [duplicate]

I've few pages of favorite questions under my Favorites tab on Stack Overflow. If I want to refer something quickly, I've a hard time finding an old question. I've to go page by page and look for it. ...
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Organizing Bookmarks [duplicate]

I have over 100 bookmarks on Stack Overflow and I was trying to purge some that I didn't think were as essential, but I find that I don't want to lose them. Is there any way to organize them or search ...
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Way to search within my posts for a word or phrase [duplicate]

I know that I can search through my answers via a particular tag. Even so, since I have lots of posts, sometimes it is still really hard to find the post I'm looking for since the bulk of my posts ...
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Add support for searching favorited questions [duplicate]

It would be very nice if I can search through questions I have Favorited before so I can find my quest quickly.
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Does anyone else have the feeling that an answer is a precious resource that should be spent sparsely?

I know that such vague musings are off topic on a site dedicated to very practical matters like a miscalculated reputation point or witty pun about a tag burnination. But I can't help it, I want to ...
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Allow users to create custom categories into which to sort bookmarks

I noticed that in the bookmarks section of Stack Overflow, all the bookmarks are presented together, so one has to look or go through the complete list of bookmarks to find a particular one. My ...
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Are there usage statistics for favourites?

I have >700 questions favourited, from the almost seven years I've been on Stack Overflow. I don't know if I've ever browsed or searched my favourites list. Are there any usage statistics about: ...
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Can I search for questions that I previously "thanked"? And is my "thank" therefore public?

When I click the currently-being-tested thank-you button, who can see that I am the one who said "thank you"? Similarly, can the thank-you button be used for bookmarking pages so that I can ...
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How do I search for posts I've interacted on, with a particular word in them?

To expand on the question in the title, I want to be able to search for a particular search word or phrase. I want to limit the result set to posts/pages where I wrote the question, answer, or ...
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How can I search for related posts based on a search string that matches in my favorites tab?

I have a habit of adding the questions which I found useful to my favorites. Currently I have 4,541 questions. I'm wondering how I can search for related posts based on a search string that matches ...
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Search my answers with custom sort

I've seen a variety of posts regarding how to search for my own answers (e.g. here and here) which generally tend to use the Advanced Search Options and are typically of the form user:me is:answer ...
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Search for all my posts across sites

How can I search all my posts across different Stack Exchange sites? E.g. I have posted in Stack Overflow and Emacs.SE community, but when I search in Stack Overflow, I can not see posts in Emacs. I ...
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