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What should I do if a question has been asked and answered, but software (and answer) has changed? [duplicate]

What is best practice for questions that were asked/answered (correctly), but where the software has now changed, but no one has updated the answer? (e.g. where a new answer would be completely ...
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How do I re-ask a question without it being marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

I have this exact question Exclude dependency in a profile with the exception that I'm asking in 2015 instead of 2009. This is a feature that didn't exist then but may exist in new versions of Maven. ...
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Why even flag as duplicate? [duplicate]

Why do we flag questions as duplicates? After so long the accepted answers may become out of date. Is there a set duration after which duplicates are allowed?
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Closing a question as duplicate [duplicate]

Recently I asked a question which was closed as Duplicate. My question was indeed a Duplicate of that old question(the old question was dated 2009) but as one of the people who closed the question ...
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How does Stack Overflow handle obsolete answer? [duplicate]

I mean obsolete information like, let's say I have a question: How to do foreach within JavaScript? the old answer would be: You can't you have to use for-loop. But JavaScript is now has ...
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How do I solicit newer answers for an old question? [duplicate]

I found a question that I was going to ask, but it is old, and the answers to it are old, too. I expect that the situation has changed and there are newer valid answers, but it doesn't look like the ...
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Should I ask a question that has already been asked but for legacy technology? [duplicate]

So I want to know if it is acceptable (within the rules) to ask a question that has already been asked for an older version of the technology at hand. Also the solution to the other question may of ...
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Old question, same technology, not satisfied by the answer. What to do?

I was happy to find that the exact question I have has already been asked and answered. However, I'm not fully satisfied by the answer (and the OP doesn't seem to be satisfied either). What should I ...
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What kind of bounty message is acceptable for promoting your own answer?

According to Is it OK to start a bounty on a question you have answered to promote your answer?, it's generally considered OK to promote your answer on a question by adding a bounty to the question. ...
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It's wrong making a new question of an older question looking for updated answers? [duplicate]

I've found several answers to my question, but those answers are old, the lastest post is a question from 2008 and the last answer is from 2012. I suppose there can be a new answer for this question ...
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What happens when all answers become delegitimized? [duplicate]

This is a fairly well known and old question in Swift. It asks this question: Can an enum have 2 cases where both raw values are the same? Swift is very clear that is is not the case. So explains ...
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Closing as duplicate, answers have to "fully" address question

I just closed a question as a duplicate which explicitly said it was a duplicate, but wanted to double check there wasn't a newer/better answer. This seems reasonable to me (to close as a duplicate) ...
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How to bring attention to a new answer on an old overly answered question

I'm talking about the question Disabling Chrome Autofill. I got stuck for quite some time on this subject and I decided to look into it myself, since the answers to this question won't work. (The ...
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