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Should this coding challenge posted on SO be moved to PPCG? [duplicate]

This is the question I'm talking about: Twitter image encoding challenge It was already closed as not constructive two years after the question was posted, but now we have a site that is all about ...
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"Automatic" move paths to complete Stack Exchange family [duplicate]

Well this is a given by another topic I posted. There I asked why a topic was closed. With the big hidden second part "instead of moved". It was closed for off-topic. Now I assumed that off-topic ...
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How to suggest moderator to move question to other site? [duplicate]

I found this question git-http-backend, which I think is better fit for serverfault. I've marked it to Close -> Off topic. But I don't see "Belongs to other site" option any more. Is it correct ...
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Can admins migrate question that are old? [duplicate]

If an question is very old, but very misplaced on Stack Overflow -- can an admin migrate that question the request of the question's author? Or, are admin-limits to migration the same as user limits?
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Why is there a hard 60-day limit on migrating questions to other Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Suppose someone asks a question which would typically be migrated to another Stack Exchange site (say, Server Fault); it gets an answer, an upvote, and is basically forgotten about for a while. Then ...
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How to migrate a closed question to super user? [duplicate]

There is a question on SO, which I think is suitable for Superuser. I flagged it to the moderator, and the moderator declined saying this: The moderator saying that there is a standard way of ...
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Should "Professionals and enthusiasts" be qualified in the help center?

In another Meta discussion about how to deal with new users, user Joshua Taylor formulated the community's expectations towards new users in an interesting way. He said (emphasis mine): ... I don't ...
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Can we let moderators migrate misplaced meta-questions older than 60 days?

I recently came across this question, which I flagged for migration to Meta SO. It got declined as I didn't realize even moderators can't migrate after 60 days. What should even be done about a ...
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Best practices for handling a useful but off-topic question

I have an old question that I naively didn't realize was off-topic when I asked it. It was closed a short while after being asked and answered. Since then, I can see there have been a decent number ...
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Migrate all CodeGolf questions now?

I'm fairly new to the Stackexchange system, Area51 betas and the multitude of sites, but I incidentally stumbled upon something I think should be discussed: There are as of now 213 questions tagged ...
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How can I transfer a question on Stack Overflow to Project Management? [duplicate]

I found this question, which is irrelevant on Stack Overflow but would be a nice fit in the Project Management SE. Can anyone help me out, please, to do that?
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