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Raising rep by flooding the suggested edit queue [duplicate]

I don't usually wade into the suggested edits queue, but I did so when the orange icon hit 117 today. I noticed a very large number (7 of my 20 reviews) came from a single user who was suggesting ...
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How to respond to a large number of inconsequential edits [duplicate]

I noticed a <2K user doing mass edits to remove "solved", or similar things, from the titles of questions. The problems I have with this are that They're bumping old content for very little gain ...
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How to deal with serial minor edits [duplicate]

I recently came across this user in the Suggested Edits queue. The user keeps making helpful suggested edits, but they all remove a "thanks in advance" comment and don't fix any of the other ...
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"Too minor" edits - better to leave poor quality on the site?

I have seen a few posts recently on this meta site that make me wonder about "minor edits": Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits What is wrong with minor edits? When an edit only fixes ...
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Is TaggerBot a good idea?

I just run into some suggested edits by TaggerBot. It's a bot running from a Python script via the Stack Exchange API made to suggest tag edits to questions. E.g.:
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People are doing worst/nothing editing to gain rep then misusing those ids

I am reviewing the question which came for edit, and almost every day I see a new id with an edit spree. A user x who has not given any answer or asked any question but has a rep of 500+ only from ...
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User suggesting needless edits

A particular user has been suggesting unnecessary edits for the past few days. All that user does is removing the code that was present in the question, and then pasting it back. There is absolutely ...
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A user is continuously and rapidly proposing invalid edits (adding tags) that get robo-approved

I'm going through the edit queue and I have encountered the same situation 3 times already, out of 4 reviewed edits. User brainy is adding a single tag to the question with the exact same comment: ...
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What rate of suggested edits is considered flooding the queue? [closed]

A new user finds that the majority of questions on the front page are too unclear to be answered well. It takes 50 reputation to begin to help the asker. How long should a new user expect it to take ...
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Cleaning up questions overrun with low quality answers

Every once in a while I bump back into this question: Can I use one model inside of a different model in CakePHP? It's grown a bit out of control over the past few years. The majority of the answers ...
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Suspicious approval of suggested edits

I was recently reading Handling floods of "too minor" suggested edits when I realized I had seen a pattern of such edits by a specific user recently. Admittedly, there are plenty of this user's edits ...
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What is the current position on minor "correct" edits? [duplicate]

I see this question on meta seems to say that any minor edit that actually does improve the quality of the post should be accepted, and during reviewing I no longer see the ability to reject edits for ...