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Can some easily misinterpreted tags have a minimum reputation attached for use?

At present there's no mimumum reputation to use any of the site tags. But some tags are being misinterpreted by new users, and this is annoying for those users who search on tags in order to answer ...
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Why did the proportion of down votes go up? [duplicate]

This Data Explorer query appears to show that there was a step up in down votes as a fraction of votes from the "historic" 10-12% to 14-15% in late April. This seems like a significant ...
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This is why you don't answer "how do I do this" with absolutely no attempt shown at solving

Since this question got answered instead of being downvoted to oblivion and closed it slipped through unnoticed... Now, this: teaches/demonstrates a really bad practice for newcomers; example1, ...
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How can we encourage close voters to use their powers?

I've noticed a recent trend for 3k+ users to comment and down-vote low quality questions, but not to issue a close vote. Take this for instance:
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Where have all the close votes gone?

Following my contention that review motivation is waning, I wanted to get some hard data from the data exchange to see how many close votes are being cast every day. I tried this query. However, the ...
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If we were to take away reputation, does this community become what it once was?

Alright, the title is a little grabby, but I wanted to get a discussion going about this: The love of reputation is the root of all evil. This question is a perfect example of what we're fighting ...
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The Stack Overflow homepage is over-emphasizing bad questions (and a proposed solution)

We made a change quite a while ago to the homepage of Stack Overflow which was well-intentioned, but I'm starting to think may have been a mistake. The change was to switch Stack Overflow away from ...
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More AI when questions asked and answers answered

After writing an answer to Let's improve the How to Ask page(s) and thinking about Shog9s comment on Does the broken window theory apply to closing questions? [..] is the root of the issue ...
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Should we peer review questions before publishing them?

We currently have a review queue for first posts as well as for low quality posts. We currently also have a problem with the signal-to-noise ratio of new questions, and the current system seems ...
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What is Stack Overflow’s goal?

After reading Sympathetic up-votes, it reminded me a bit of Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? (Group 4 here) as well. Reflecting on the second question in the post on sympathetic up-votes ...
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Enough fuzzying: let's let everything into the close queue and age out questions that don't reach a threshold

We've just about hit equilibrium here: Fuzzy the number of questions in the close review queue, a dopamine for the shutterers The number of questions in the queue is falling slowly, but I don't think ...
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Let's burn down the close queue!

Stage 2 completed: The initial phase of the burndown was completed on 2014-03-03 10:48:49; the second phase completed on 2014-03-08 at 19:41. Detailed statistics on how these played out can be found ...
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Regarding the Stack Overflow close review queue

The size of the backlog in Stack Overflow's close review queue has been an issue for a long time now: I find that having such a huge backlog, makes it very hard to properly deal with closures. What ...
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