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Automatically remove API keys from questions [duplicate]

Remove API keys automatically Over the last few days, I have had multiple questions that have included their API keys in their code. Perfect example: Just today I edited a post that had payment ...
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Has SO considered adding facilities for removing or obfuscating sensitive data contained in posts? [duplicate]

Many OPs cut and paste raw text such as code, config files and error messages into their posts. Many overlook passwords, directories, binary meta data and other sensitive information which can ...
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How can I delete a question that I posted anonymously? [duplicate]

I accidentally added information that I did not intend to and would like for it to be deleted. Could you help me please? upgrading to sprinboot 2.5.12 and my Junit tests are throwing this error
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What happens if we post something confidential? [duplicate]

Say, by accident, someone, for whatever reason, accidentally posts something private in their post (like address, database username / password, etc.). We can't simply edit it, since the info would ...
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Is it possible to remove database credentials in questions for real [duplicate]

From time to time there's a new user who post a question (mostly in [mysql] or [php]) leaving their database credentials in the code. I won't post any such question for some reason I can't quite ...
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Secrets in a post? [duplicate]

I'm trying to help out a new user having problems accessing their DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster. The question didn't have enough information, so I asked them to post their configuration file. ...
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Remove Sensitive Information From Questions - IP Addresses [duplicate]

I recently posted a question on Stackoverflow where I needed to paste a large amount of sever logs in the question. The server is an Elastic Map Reduce server (EMR) running in AWS that belongs to the ...
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Questions displaying username and password information, out of bounds? [duplicate]

It is my understanding that if a question contains username and password information to access a certain site, that it violates several of the basic principles of a proper question. While I am usually ...
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Delete historic change from a question [duplicate]

I post a question, I have to edit to remove some sensitive information, but after edit it I realize changes where still there in the historic changes. How I do to remove those historic changes? I try ...
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How to handle sensitive information in questions? [duplicate]

When a user posts/edits a question, and unknowingly posts sensitive information like username/password to a database. How should this be handled? I came across one, but now it's in the revision ...
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How to close or delete my question (having an open bounty) [duplicate]

I have posted a question on Stack Overflow and the question contains some security information. Earlier the question did not contain the security information, but some people ask me to edit the ...
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Is it against the rules to post login credentials in a question? [duplicate]

I came across this question where the author posted the login credentials to a website he/she wants to replicate. It doesn't feel right to have someones login credentials in the question, but I don't ...
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How can I replace a snapshot from the answers history? [duplicate]

I want to replace a screenshot in an answer; I left some file paths in that screenshot. I know how to blur out the information in the screenshot and edit my post. But how can I remove the revision ...'s user avatar
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What is the SO policy on if a person exposes their username and password? [duplicate]

I came across a question recently where a user decided to post their credentials/information that could make them significantly vulnerable. The way I saw it, I had 4 options: Edit it: This is great, ...
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Password shared in post [duplicate]

I recently came across a stack overflow question where the OP publicly shared his real username and password for an e-commerce site. I immediately commented on the post to alert him and flagged it for ...
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