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Why is thanking discouraged in comments? [duplicate]

I would like to know why the community doesn't like this to happen. can someone enlighten me ? A related (or same) question is: Is there perhaps another way of letting users know I appreciate their ...
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On large communities decaying over time, being nice or mean, and Stack Overflow

Wandering about the Internet, I stumbled across why online communities decay over time. This is a rather good article and should be read in conjunction with a group is its own worst enemy. I strongly ...
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Did comment flags just change?

I don't see "Too chatty" or "Not constructive" any more. Is this a new thing, or did I just lose my ability to use those for some reason?
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"Thanks a lot! Thx!" comment - Flag declined

I generally flag comments only "thanking" other people as "too chatty" (see for example Thanks in a comment?, Should "Thank you" comments be flagged?). And what now follows is yet another "...
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Is "Very crafty. Nice work." a comment that should be kept

I flagged a comment as "No longer needed" that just said "Very crafty. Nice work." yesterday and was really surprised when the flag was declined. Because I thought that this was just an equivalent to ...
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Thanks in a comment?

I am pretty new to Stack Exchange in general, and I don't have 15 reputation points on any Stack Exchange site — this means I can't upvote answers. If I receive a really helpful, in-depth answer, is ...
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Should I say please when asking an OP to post more information such as code or logs?

Suppose someone asks a question that isn't answerable without more information. It's natural to post a comment requesting it from them. Is it better to ask like this: "Please post your error logs" ...
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Who keeps deleting my comment? [duplicate]

I just gave an answer to this post. The answer is helpful and I have received two upvotes. OP commented that my answer is helpful but they didn't accept my answer. Thus I have commented below my ...
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Tooltip for comment flags displays the wrong reason

I flagged a comment on Java application gives random outputs of an integer with reason too chatty. When moving the cursor over the flag icon, it says you've flagged this comment as unconstructive, ...
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Mother Function! Why was my "not constructive" flag declined?

I recently flagged this comment as not constructive. It reads: "mother function"! What I'm going to yell when I'm angry. Perhaps I've missed something but I don't find this comment constructive. ...
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Repeated thank you comments

How should we deal with users who repeatedly break comment rules (most likely because they didn't read the rules)? I've been tracking this user for about a month or so, and even though I flagged 50+ ...
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Would you like an employee to delete these filtered "thank you" comments?

Delete comments that were posted prior to 2015 and contain the text "thank" (so picks up both "thanks" and "thank you") are less than 25 characters in length (filters out comments that may contain "...
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Sudden interest in an old answer

I posted this answer: in March 2015 - over 2 years ago and never received a single comment. Now suddenly in the last 24 hours I've received three ...
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