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How do I flag a question that's essentially looking for a contractor? [duplicate]

This question seems to be looking for a penetration tester to test an application for free. My first thought for a flag reason was "off-site library/resource", but does that apply if OP isn't looking ...
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How should I flag a question about general programming concepts [duplicate]

I came across this question on S.O. review, and I'm not sure how best to handle it. At first I was going to flag it as unclear, but it is clear what he's asking to me, he wants a counter example to ...
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Flag 'Try This: {code}' Answers as "Very Low Quality"?

I constantly tell people that “try this” is not a good answer. It explains nothing and just dumps code on the OP which does not teach anything. It's becoming worse and worse, and I even see very high ...
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Flag declined: "a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it"

A couple of my flags have been declined recently should (IMHO) be on https://math....
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Flagging off-topic questions for low-rep users

(For those who can't view the deleted question, it was asked by someone wanting to make a career change to software development, and asked for ways/tips on how he could do so without programming work ...
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Flag declined, then Question put on hold?

I am a little confused about this, maybe I just understood the system wrong. A few days ago I came upon this question on SO: Seeing that this is ...
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Flagged as Blatantly Off Topic, On Hold as Opinion Based

I'm scratching my head about this one. I flagged this question as Blatantly Off Topic, but it has been put on hold as primarily opinion-based. It confuses me how those who voted for the close reason ...
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Do you think people can be more nice about correcting you? [closed]

Me, being a new user, accidentally posted a coding question on programmers.stackexchange that asked how something could be done when I should have posted it on Stack Overflow. This was an honest ...
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How should I flag a clearly off-topic question?

The question is: Why people of India faced poverty in large numbers? (it's deleted now). It is clearly off-topic, but there isn't any "off-topic" flag. How should I flag it?
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What to do with questions about a Physics program that has nothing to do with coding?

I just saw this question that had some correct code with some calculations in it. Now, the question has to do with the program, but it is more physics than implementation. I think this question would ...
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Could a question asking about a lack of reply from LinkedIn have been salvaged by editing?

I flagged this question (now deleted) as Very Low Quality because I couldn't see any way it could be fixed by editing: We have applied to LinkedIn API partnership program, its been 20 days, still ...
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Closing an off-topic question that is not on-topic anywhere

Given a question such as "Which IPod should I buy?" (actually seen today, with no further details), which reason should be chosen for closing? The question is obviously off-topic. The following close ...
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