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Recent changes to close reasons on Stack Overflow

Over the past week, I've made several fairly significant changes to the close reasons and associated documentation on Stack Overflow. I've been monitoring and tweaking those changes, and believe they ...
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Codifying the Scope: Differentiate between Teaching and Helping on Stack Overflow

I'd like to see the loop closed on what we need to do with the site's cultural perception of "niceness", and eliminate any ambiguity. While I understand that there are some things which will be ...
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How to deal with questions that ask about complete basics? [duplicate]

How do I deal with questions that ask about complete basics? Where answer could be found by the OP after a two minutes of googling, reading the first paragraph of the first book or having at least ...
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Why was my code translation question closed?

I came across this question Convert "for loop" from Python to C++ that asked for a translation of a single line of code written in python into C++. To me, this question seems to be on-topic ...
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Extra reason for closing questions (or a modification of one)

In the recent time, we have seen an increased number of questions which treat Stack Overflow as a free debugging tool. I am speaking from mostly c++ tag, but I would not be surprised if the same trend ...
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Are there questions that are too trivial to answer?

...and what should we do with them? I'm starting to see questions on the Python tag like: "How do you access a value in a list?" (i.e., how do you use a basic data structure) "How do I call a ...
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What really amounts to "be nice to new contributors"? [duplicate]

This is the post that made me thinking: Python - Array - homework. Screenshot for <10k users: I totally agree with all the comments that Stack Overflow is not a homework forum. However, when I ...
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Dealing with the influx of "help me tweak my AI model" questions

Over the past two years or so, I have noticed a steady rise in the fraction of new questions - especially Python questions - about some machine-learning problem, wherein the OP is trying to improve an ...
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What are the company's expectations with regard to deceptively simple questions? A case study in the complexity of answering "beginner" questions

I ran across How to find a string from a ZIP file using Python today. With all the changes in SO's mission emphasis (now much, much more on "welcoming" than in the past), I find myself ...
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Please stop deleting our content without coherent reasons (regex tag)

After becoming aware through other users that questions might get deleted just because they do not fit into the mood of some (few) others I dug into my own answers and noticed a considerable number of ...
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What happens "behind the scenes" when a post is tagged with [feature-request]?

So, what actually happens when a post is tagged with feature-request? I mean, do the elf Mods talk to the head of Santa Exchange about the new request, and if he thinks it's a good idea someone ...
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Without close-flag privileges, how do I bring a low-quality question to the community's attention?

I found this question where it seemed that the user was clearly just putting his homework on Stack Overflow. However, lacking enough reputation, I could not request for the question to be closed so ...
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What exactly is the term "new-user" referring to?

In the current discussion of new-user experience, I found there is a serious ambiguity on the term new-user (or newbie, new-comer, etc.). new-user can refer to 2 very different groups: only new to ...
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Provide "Not enough effort" as a new close reason

It's quite clear by now, I am not any longer afraid to ask for it officially; all recent highly visited and discussed posts that the community demands a new close reason. New, because it has never ...
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Please help me to understand close reasons

The roots of recent problems I have raised on Meta are mostly about a feeling that is common amongst regular users: that the tools Stack Overflow offers are inadequate for the task. This leads to ...
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