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Misuse of "off topic" closure reason

I feel there has been a recent rise in people closing questions they don't like using the "off topic" closure reason. I saw an example today where the closure reason was: This question ...
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How should we handle rude / unconstructive custom close reasons?

Two recent questions contain rude / unconstructive custom close reasons by high-rep users: How can I typecast a function pointer that originally recieves void* (deleted by author) How to check if ...
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How can we discourage bandwagoning of Close Votes?

Some time ago, I saw this question being closed for the following custom reason: The OP had not searched at all. That isn't a valid reason to close a question. The question is a clear, answerable ...
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Is the "Here's how it works:" part in the Help Center a possible source of confusion to new users?

TL;DR The fact that not every question is welcome here is an important information. Shouldn't this be emphasized a bit more in the top part of the Help Center, instead of just saying that "Anybody ...
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Remove or update point 3 from Help Center off-topic list [closed]

Some questions are still off-topic, even if they fit into one of the categories listed above: 3. Questions asking for code must demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved. ...
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Newbie "forgiveness"

(To put it in the form of a question) Doesn't SO need some sort of "newbie forgiveness"? I see many cases where a newbie asks a very poorly constructed question and instantly gets downvoted and ...
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Can a very specialized question (regarding validity of code), be closed as "too broad"?

The title sounds a bit weird, I know. I came over this question asking about a primary trivially solvable error. But the code shown obviously has more issues, and also serious design flaws, that ...
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What to do when a user doesn't understand even the basic of his code?

So I saw this question where the user had a bad/hard to understand grammar (I edited it). And what he asked was to change the output on his console, while it was clear that the output should be as ...

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