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Why do we place code-only answers in low-quality queue

I did a search on Meta, and the consensus seems to be that code-only answers are often unfortunate but should not be deleted. Some people recommend to downvote them. The review interface does not ...
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How should we respond to unclear questions? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can I take a string in an integer input field? The post asks about data type conversion. However, when I added an answer, I got a negative mark for ...
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Code fragment as an answer, when the question didn't ask for code [duplicate]

So this question reads What is difference between wait and sleep? And this answer is Try this: sleep 10 & wait %1 I flagged this as NAA, and my flag got declined. Now, I'm trying to ...
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Giving feedback to inexperienced reviewers

I see lots of Meta posts from people who failed bad audits wanting to give feedback. This question not about that issue. Take this example: The ...
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Someone deleted the question which I answered and got up-votes

I answered one question and got 3 upvotes, but someone deleted the question and I lost the reputation points. When I tried to delete a question of mine which someone else answered, Stack Overflow ...
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Can we edit a question to include additional information from discussion chat?

I was in a discussion with the original poster of this question and there was additional information added during the chat. After the chat ended, I edited the question but I didn't include the full ...
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Auto comment on code only answers from Low Quality review

Today I was reviewing some Low Quality Posts, and I noticed that I pressed "Skip" in about 80% of the cases. While there inherently is nothing wrong with skipping I sat for a moment and wondered what ...
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Should I recommend deletion for code-only answers? [duplicate]

In the Low Quality Answers review queue, there are only three options for dealing with answers: "Looks OK", "Edit", and "Recommend Deletion". Because of the limited ...
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Should we add "Requires explanation" button to Low quality post review?

I saw a lot of code-only posts like this: I suggest to add "Requires explanation" button to the review. The responsibility of this button is: Adding a comment like this: While this code may ...
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Unaccepted answer for something really close to my answer [duplicate]

I know this can be normal user behavior, but my answer was unaccepted yesterday for another answer posted after mine. Button fill div height using Bootstrap IMO: My answer is closer to the question, ...
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What can I do about very low quality answers?

The reason for this post is this answer. I have encountered answers like this multiple times. An answer posted three years later to a question which already has an accepted or highly-upvoted ...
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