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Is it wrong to ask for an explanation of how/why the code works in code-only answers?

Checking the low quality queue on Stack Overflow, some code-only answers came up. I visited the questions in particular (I normally do that before deciding if I should skip or take action) and found ...
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Why do so many code snippet answers get flagged as "low quality"?

I am reviewing some answers marked as "low quality" answers. I know that answers which contain a single sentence with a link are considered as low quality replies and should be replaced by comments. ...
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Answering with "Try" [duplicate]

Earlier today I answered a very simple question as follows: Try: (corrected code here) I appreciate it's not a particularly verbose or descriptive answer, but the original question contained a code ...
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Should we change how we handle code only answers?

Historically we've left code only answers on the site. As they fall into the it is an answer bag, although some can be construed as low quality. There's so many code only answers and people put ...
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Why do we not have an off-topic flag for closing as off-topic?

This applies mostly to this question, but can obviously be applied to many other situations. In case it's closed: I currently have a CSS server running and it works great, but I want to enable ...
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Voting stats for "desperate accept" answers

I am looking for voting statistics on the answers to questions that are: Quickly closed (within 1 hour after posting) Have a single answer Aren't eligible for "roomba deletion" only because ...
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A declined flag for a "Try this" answer is putting words in my mouth

I recently flagged this answer for being low-quality and it was declined with the following message/reason: declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether ...
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Failed audit on code-only answer [duplicate]

Multiple questions on meta indicate, that code-only answers, if they are self-explanatory and, what's more important, correct, do not fall into low quality: 1, 2. Meanwhile I failed the audit when I ...
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Collection of answers that don't refer to the code in the question

While reviewing a first answer I also took a look at the corresponding question including all other answers. The question appears to be about homework and it is not really good, but that is not my ...
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New prefab comment / delete recommendation reason for LQP queue

I am proposing a new pre-selectable reason to "recommend deletion" that comes with a comment: Answers to non-trivial problems that contain code without any further explanation are unlikely to be of ...
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We need 'Code-only answer' category in the Low Quality Answers review

My understanding is that a code-only answer is not recommended in this community. When I reviewed the 'Low Quality Answers', I wanted to choose 'Code-only' answer but there was no such category. ...
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Answers that say "try this" or similar in addition to description of solution [closed]

I seem to be noticing a lot of answers now say "try this" or "you could try this" or something similar next to code example after some explanation text. I'm probably being pedantic but these answers ...
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How can I find out why this flag was declined, when the question is deleted?

I raised a "not an answer flag" for this answer: Remove line break from br for mobile/tablet devices. I'm curious because it was the only flag of mine rejected this month. However, I can't ...
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Is an opinion or assumption-based answer eligible for being "Not an answer" (NAA)?

I recently came across a couple of answers which rather almost entirely consist of assumptions or opinions than are based upon facts. Often answered to off-topic questions like seeking for ...
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What is the point of voting if "reject and edit" closes the vote in the "suggest edit" review?

I did a review, I didn't know if it was a good answer, but I found that it could be. So I just suggested an edit to improve the post a little. As you can see Erik Godard approved but paxdiablo came ...
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