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Why are people so fast hitting the downvote or close button on certain questions? [duplicate]

In some cases for me it seems like downvotes and the closure of a question (the latter is the more harsh thing to happen) come just too fast for certain types of questions where a little understanding ...
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Is it okay to ask a question "draft" and then afterwards edit it? [duplicate]

Is it okay to ask a question which is just the plain question itself, which might even contain some bad typo or grammar and then immediately start to edit it to make it "beatiful"? I often think ...
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Should we guess an answer, with an educational purpose to help novice programmers? [duplicate]

During the process of making the questioner of this question, nested-div-styling-offset, aware of that the code didn't reproduce the problem, an answer was posted, which I found more of a guess. ...
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Users who get flagged for insulting/abusive comments should not be able to flag for closing/holding the same question [duplicate]

My original question Why is my ItemsControl not render ILookup<T,V> when set as ItemsSource received a comment from a user @clemens inferring that I could not be bothered to fix my question ...
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Closing for "Unclear what you're asking" [duplicate]

I don't know what to do with this closing reason. A lot of times, when a question is unclear, folks will post comments and try to get the @OP to improve the question. On the other hand, we have the ...
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Should I comment to update the question instead of flagging? [duplicate]

Many times questions have comments like this one: Show us some sample data and expected results, as formatted text, or to make it easier to answer as DDL/DML. Is it OK to post this type of comment ...
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The Community vs. The Domain Expert

So, I have a concern regarding reviews and I'm just probing the community for feedback. The idea is that with enough eyeballs on a review, the community will arrive at a reasonable consensus. Now, ...
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How can we encourage close voters to use their powers?

I've noticed a recent trend for 3k+ users to comment and down-vote low quality questions, but not to issue a close vote. Take this for instance:
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Better review handling of posts that have been edited since flagging

I recently asked What do flag reviewers see? here on Meta. Based upon the few comments that the answer got, and reading up on flagging privileges, I'd like to make a request that if a question/answer ...
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Disable deletion of your own question if it has any answer at all, even if downvoted

Scenario: I, and others, wast..spend time commenting hints to a user whom we don't immediatey identify as a homework vamp. Some rep-PSW post a complete coded, tested, working answer. Annoyed by the ...
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Questions that can only be asked "why isn't this working?" [duplicate]

For reference - Sorting input radio boxes alphabetically The above question has been severely down-voted, and has two votes to close, because it asks "why isn't this working". In this scenario, the ...
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